What is menstrual poverty?

Menstrual poverty in the Netherlands. 1 in 10 (young) women in the Netherlands does not always have the money for sanitary pads or tampons. These products have become more expensive in recent months due to higher raw material and transportation costs, and as a result, the number of people experiencing menstrual poverty is also growing.

What is menstrual poverty?

Menstrual poverty is a growing problem, both globally and in the Netherlands, where women and girls cannot afford menstrual products. Fortunately, there is a poverty fund in the Netherlands that provides facilities to address this issue. The Poverty Fund distributes free menstrual products through Menstrual Product Distribution Points (MPDPs, in Dutch MUP's), where various types, sizes, and brands of sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups are available. This allows girls and women to choose a product of their preference.


Currently, the Poverty Fund reaches approximately 131,000 girls and women in the Netherlands with their MPDPs. In total, there are 1,574 MPDPs in the Netherlands, with about 10 in Eindhoven, 15 in Tilburg, and 4 in Venlo. Fontys has also become an MPDP (Eindhoven and Tilburg). This means that these facilities are easily accessible for students who need them.

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