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Deregister at the city hall

If your study period ends and you want to leave the Netherlands, you have to deregister at the municipality. Inform the Civil Affairs Department (burgerzaken) of your municipality within 5 days before your departure.

If you leave the Netherlands because of the Corona Covid-19 virus you only need to deregister, if you are not planning to come back to study in the Netherlands.

If you are planning an internship in another city or country for less than 8 months you don't need to deregister.

How to deregister:

1. online
Log in using your DigiD and enter your details. You will receive confirmation of your deregistration by post, at your new address.

2. By post (or mail)
Compleet the moving abroad form, download , print and sign it and send it to the address on the form, enclosing a copy of your identity document. The confirmation of your de-registration will be send to your new address .
Or use the emailaddress migratie@tilburg.nl for Tilburg, burgerzaken@eindhoven.nl for Eindhoven, or info@venlo.nl for Venlo.

3. Make an appointment at the city Hall
If you intend to visit your town hall in person, you will need to bring your passport or other valid proof of identity. You will probably be asked to give your current address as well as your future forwarding address.  If you come to submit your notice of emigration at a City Office (on the day itself or no more than 5 days in advance), you will receive a written confirmation of your ‘pre-departure declaration’

Note: The landlord of your room can ask you for proof of deregistration at the municipality as a condition to get your deposit back.

City Hall registration in Eindhoven

Residents' Plaza is open on weekdays. You are welcome between 8.30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Please make an appointment. 

Address: Stadskantoor Stadhuisplein 1 5611 EM Eindhoven

City Hall registration in Tilburg

This Newcomers' Desk is to be found in the Stadswinkel Centrum at the address below. You can visit the municipality by appointment only. 

Address: Stadswinkel Spoorlaan 181 5038 CB Tilburg

City Hall registration in Venlo

You can visit the municipality by appointment only. The Student Service Centre will make the appointment for registration for you.

Address: Stadskantoor Hanzeplaats 1 5912 AT Venlo