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Study associations

A study association consists of students of a Fontys study programme and their goal is to make study time as fun and educational as possible!By organising various activities, such as excursions, drinks gatherings, lectures and getting to know companies, they connect students, the study programme and the field of work.

If you are active on a board of a study or student association or an umbrella organisation board, you may be eligible for a board scholarship: financial support from Fontys.

Study Association versus Student Association
The study association focuses on the professional development of students and is supplementary to the curriculum. Student associations are not affiliated with a specific study programme or field, but focus mainly on socialising.

The umbrella association Federation of Purple Study Associations (FPSA) was formed in early 2020 to represent Fontys study associations and help them with issues they encounter. Consider making your own space for the association, financial issues, board changes, etc.

Any questions?

Advisors Bart van den Akker and Nikki van der Meijs from the Participation Centre are the contact persons for all study associations within Fontys.

mail Bart and Nikki

Want to get to know your fellow students?

Talk about life in the Netherlands or just about your study? Below you'll find the Study associations in Eindhoven, Tilburg and Venlo. Click on the links to get to know more about these associations.


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We are PROXY, the Fontys Course Based student association. Created for students by students. A study association that organizes a lot of activities for ICT students of the English stream at Fontys. Not only regarding ICT, but also social activities.

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Innovum is a young, active study association and it is the face of all the Engineering courses of Fontys university in Eindhoven. This association organizes loads of activities which help improve the relationships between students. It improves the study time on both formal and informal level and makes it a lot more interesting. Furthermore, we try to be the connecting element between education and business.

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Get to know Corpus! The association for the study programs physiotherapy, speech therapy, podiatry, et cetera. They make your student time unforgettable! Bringing students together and making them feel welcome, that's what Corpus does.

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The Business Club

The Business Club is a young study association affiliated with the marketing and management department of Fontys. It is focused on providing students with a broad and rich environment for their academic and social development.

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LEAN is one of the student associations of Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven, within the department of Industrial Engineering and Management. This association consists of a board and a committee, formed by selected members from the IE&M


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Lingua is thé go to study association if you study Spanish, German, French, Dutch or English. This study association forms a bridge between all these studies. In this association you can learn together, share experiences and get to know new people.

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On Mute

On Mute is a student organization with members from 5 different departments spread through all sectors of Fontys. Our goals is to meet, both as artist and as people. We want to break down the barriers that separate us and build a space where we can exchange ideas, form friendships and help grow the idea of interdisciplinary work.


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IMagine is on a mission to connect International Marketing students. As your IM student association, we strive to create an unforgettable campus life experience: interesting, one-of-a-kind events and activities will establish a sense of belonging for a unified student body at Fontys University. IMagine strives to create an unforgettable campus life experience with unique and engaging events and activities.

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OMNIA is the Fontys International Business School (FIBS) Student Association with a focus on connecting students in Venlo. From fun student parties, inspiring seminars, cultural events, or memorable city trips- OMNIA helps you make the most of your student experience.