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As a student you are assigned a studentcoach in the first year of your study programme. He or she is the first person you go to with questions. Your studentcoach tracks your performance and provides useful tips and advice where necessary. Check directly with your study programme who your studentcoach is. Have you already spoken to your student coach and would you like to make an appointment with a study career choice advisor, student counselor or student psychologist? That is possible!
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A student counsellor can help you:

  • solve issues with your motivation;
  • find a suitable solution for the obstacles that you may experience and help you make a good choice to continue, take a break or quit your studies;
  • to get extra support – depending on the cause – with requesting facilities with the exam committee or DUO;
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A student psychologist can help you with:

  • complaints, concerns or issues you do not see a direct solution for, through short-term therapy.

Depending on your complaints, concerns or issues, you may be referred. Do you want to make an appointment because you have issues with finding motivation for your studies? Please contact a student counsellor.

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A study career choice advisor can help you if:

  • you doubt whether your study programme is a good fit for you and whether it is achievable;
  • you want to quit your current study programme and you need help with making a new study choice;
  • you do not yet know what your next step will be: gap year; studying or working;
  • you are almost graduated and you have doubts about what your next step will be: working or continue studying.

Emergency information

In case of emergency, call internal emergency number: 08850-77119. The control room quickly links with emergency services and grants access at the gate. If necessary, call 112.

Social, physical and digital safety

Fontys highly values the safety of students, staff and visitors. Visit our page about safety for more information.

More about safety

Confidential advisor

If there is bullying, intimidation, sexual harassment, racism, discrimination, aggression, or violence taking place at Fontys, it is important that action is taken swiftly. This is also the case if there is any indication of violence or the threat of violence in students' domestic environments.

Contact info confidential advisors

  • Walk-in hour student counsellors
  •   Walk-in hour

    Did you know that when you have a short question, you can go to the walk-in hour on location with the student counsellor? There is no need to schedule an appointment. There are both physical and online walk-in hours. Each consultation lasts 10-15 minutes.

    Examples of topics that can be discussed during a walk-in hour:

    • Requesting examination facilities;
    • Reporting a personal situation/circumstance.

    If your question is about any of these topics, make sure you bring the following documents:

    • Function limitation: medical declaration;
    • Illness/injury: medical declaration;
    • Topsport: declaration of the association or topsport coördinator;
    • Dyslexia: dyslexia declaration;
    • Application Erasmus+ supplementary grant (health conditions): medical declaration.

    Does your personal situation require more explanation?

    If so, we recommend scheduling an appointment.

    Make an appointment with a student counsellor
  •   Walk-in hour on location

    Walk-in hour on location

    Location Eindhoven

    Every Tuesday* between 14.00 and 16.00.
    Please take a seat in the waiting room Dienst Studentenvoorzieningen

    Rachelsmolen 1
    Building R5, 1st floor

    Location Tilburg

    Every Tuesday* between 13.00 and 15.00
    Please take a seat in room C0.19

    Prof. Goossenslaan 1
    Building P1 – part C

    Location Den Bosch

    Every Wednesday* between 13.00 and 14.00
    Please take a seat in room 0.12

    Frans Fransenstraat 15
    Den Bosch

    Location Sittard

    Every Wednesday* between 11.00 and 12.00
    Please take a seat in room 3.02a

    Monseigneur Claessensstraat 4

    PLEASE NOTE: due to the summer holiday the next walk-in hours are scheduled in week 36 (2023), so from 5 September onwards.

    * 2023 - 2024: There is no walk-in hour in Eindhoven and Tilburg on 17 and 31 October, 26 December, 2 January, 13 February, 30 April, and 7 May.

  •   Online walk-in hour

    Online walk-in hour

    A walk-in hour takes place between 13.00 and 15.00 every Thursday*

    Go to the waiting room in MS Teams.

    An iStudent employee will welcome you and ask you a few questions to be able to connect you with the right person. One of our student counsellors will contact you as soon as they are available. If there is a waiting time, you are given an indication of how long the waiting time will be.

    • 2023 - 2024: *There is no walk-in hour on 19 October, 14 and 28 December, 4 January, 15 February, 2 and 9 May