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Extension residence permit

Extension residence permit

This procedure can only be used when you have a residence permit with purpose "Study". It is obligatory to apply for an extension of your residence permit through Fontys. The new residence permit will be valid until the end of your study.

Please fill in the application form and follow the instructions precisely.
After you have activated your visacare file, the documents which you have to provide and upload will be visible on your My Documents page. Please follow the instructions as given.

Please click on the link below or pay the visa fee of 228 euro with iDEAL.


When can I extend my residence permit?
You can submit an application maximum 3 months before your residence permit expires. (‚ÄčOn the front of your residence permit is written 'geldig tot' (valid until) with a date. This is the date until which your residence permit is valid.) This will give the IND sufficient time to make a decision. In case of a positive decision, your new residence permit will be ready in time. Do you have a residence permit for which a recognised sponsor is required, such as study or highly skilled migrant? The recognised sponsor (your employer or eductional institution for instance) will have to submit the application for the extension of your residence permit. You cannot do this yourself. Is your residence permit still valid for at least 5 months? Then you cannot yet submit an application to extend your stay. The IND is then unable to make a proper assessment.