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Payment arrears

Payment arrears can occur in the following ways:

If upon (re)registration you have digitally submitted a single direct debit authorisation, in accordance with the collection timetable, Fontys will make its collections. If it turns out that it is not possible to make a collection from the specified account for the amount in question (full amount or an instalment), from that moment, payment arrears will have arisen due to a reversal. This may have one of several causes. If upon registration, a payment agreement or payment letter was submitted, the full amount must have been transferred before the start of the academic year. If this has not happened, the payment arrears will be equal to the full amount. If a payment arrears has arisen, it will be included in the reminder and payment demand process. This process is further explained below.

Do you have any further questions?

Please contact your course department.

Given the consequences of your registration, it is therefore essential that you make up any incurred payment arrears as quickly as possible.

You can transfer tuition fees amounts yourself to Fontys at account number Bank name: ABN AMRO
Address: P.O. Box 301, 5600 AH Eindhoven

IBAN/SEPA code: NL17ABNA0552369276

in the name of Stichting Fontys Hogescholen stating student number and name.

Each payment will be debited against the oldest outstanding item. For example, if the collection for September was unsuccessful, but payment was made in October, the October payment will be debited against the instalment for September. As a consequence, the payment arrears will be shifted forward until the student has actively made up the outstanding amount. If you have further questions regarding your payment arrears, please contact your course department.

If you have digitally submitted a single direct debit authorisation, but nonetheless a payment arrears has arisen, it is very probable that the amount to be collected was reversed. There are two types of reversal:

Technical reversals

Reversal undertaken by your bank in advance because it is not possible to collect an amount from the specified account. This may take place because there is a (selective) block on the account, the account number and the name do not match (ING account), the account number has expired, or the notified account number does not exist. In these cases, you cannot see on your account statement that Fontys has attempted to make a collection. These are known as technical reversals.

Administrative reversals

Reversals undertaken by the bank because at the moment the collection attempt was made there was insufficient balance within the spending capacity on the notified account. On your account statement, you will see that Fontys has made a collection attempt. It then appears on your statement that several days later, Fontys returned the amount. This however is not an action undertaken by Fontys, but by the bank. These are known as administrative reversals. On a giro account, this distinction can unfortunately not be made. Check whether there was sufficient balance at the moment of the collection attempt, and otherwise contact your bank. If the amount was reversed, it is always up to you to take action. Amounts collected once will not be resubmitted to the bank for subsequent collection. In other words, it is up to you to at least transfer to Fontys the reversed amount. Payment details can be found under ''Makeup incurred payment arrears''. In the event of collection in instalments, it is important that before the next collection round, you make sure that the cause for the reversal has been solved. In the event of an administrative reversal, you must make sure there is sufficient balance before the collection of the second instalment (on or around 27 October). In the event of a technical reversal, you can take the following actions: arrange with your bank that Fontys is able to make a collection from the notified bank account or change your payment details. To do so, please contact your course department. If both options are not possible, we would recommend that you prepare automatic payment orders for the remainder of the academic year (up and until May), as a result of which the payable monthly instalment amount will be transferred to Fontys before the 22nd of each month.

Two times a month, the reminder and payment demand process is implemented. Within this procedure, on the basis of the age of the outstanding claims, a determination is made of the qualification to be allocated to the payment arrears in question. The following qualifications are possible:


In the enrolment conditions article 2.2.7 is determined that when 1 or more instalments could not be collected, you will receive a payment arrears within 14 days in which you will be asked to pay for the outstanding instalments. If payment is still not made within the specified term, a payment demand will follow.

Payment demand

If the payment demand relates to tuition fees, and payment is still not made within 14 days following the date of the payment demand, Fontys will terminate your registration by the second month following the date of the payment demand. The termination of your registration can not be undone. You will receive a message from Studielink that your status has been changed to ''enrolment terminated''. You will then lose your right to follow education, sit examinations and/or obtain a scholarship. The outstanding amount however still remains payable. Are you eligible for statutory tuition fees, you will have to pay for the months in which you were enrolled. If you are eligible for institutional tuition fees, you will be obliged to pay the amount for the full academic year. At the same time as this payment demand, your Fontys account will be blocked simultaneously. This means you can no longer log on to the Fontys network (log on to a Fontys computer, home directory and access to course department applications), your Fontys e-mail, the Fontys Intranet and the Fontys portals. Registration for school activities is also no longer possible. As soon as Fontys has received your payment, your account will be accessible within a few working days. Note: Students who have a residence permit with the qualification ''study'' will be cancelled at the Dutch Immigration Service. Following termination of your registration, in the event of a possible new request for registration, you can only be reregistered once you have paid the tuition fees in one amount (the outstanding payment as well as the amount to be paid for the rest of the academic year), prior to the start of the registration date. Your course department has to agree with your request for registration.

If payment is still not made within 14 days following the date of the final demand, the collection of the payment arrears will be transferred to a collection agency. In that case, the entire claim will become immediately demandable, in one payment, including any future instalments not yet expired. On the basis of the Legal Collection Costs Act, additional costs will be charged to you. These costs will be calculated according to the following table:

On the proportion of the principal amount Rate Min. costs excl. VAT Max. costs excl. VAT
up to € 2,500 15% € 40 € 375
from € 2,501 up to € 5,000 10% € 250
from € 5,001 up to € 10,000 5% € 250
from € 10,001 up tp € 200,000 1% € 1900
€ 200,001 or more 0,5% € 4000
Total max. costs € 6775
The process of reminders and payment demands always involves a certain lead time. At the moment the letter you have received was prepared (see letter date), payments received up to and including the previous working day will have been processed. In connection with weekends and possible heavy work load at the administration, the maximum processing time for a payment is three working days. If your payment was made less than or equal to three days before the date of the letter, you may assume that the two have crossed one another. If your payment was made earlier, you must first check whether the amount you have transferred corresponds to the amount described under the heading "How does this amount break down?" in the reminder or payment demand letter. If after having made this check you are convinced that a mistake has been made, you can contact the Finance Department at lesgeld@fontys.nl. In making this contact, it is important that you enclose a scan or screen print of your (digital) bank statement, and that you clearly state your student number.
Fontys will not issue a confirmation of payments received. If the payment instructions have been correctly followed, the payment arrears in the process will be settled. In that case, you will not receive any further letters from us concerning the payment arrears. Should you receive a further letter, it is possible that the payment has not been correctly processed. In that case, please contact the Finance Department at lesgeld@fontys.nl.
Fontys operates a policy that leaves no room for payment arrears. If your arrears has been allocated the qualification reminder, it is essential that you immediately take action, and that payment is made or your problems will start to build up. If you wait too long before making payment, this could have far-reaching consequences for your registration and possibly for your scholarship, or maybe even your residence permit. The risk is entirely yours.