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Do you have problems with reading and/or spelling due to dyslexia? This can also affect your self-confidence or cause you to suffer from fear of failure. Do you have dyslexia and are you studying at Fontys? Then take a quick look below to see where Fontys can help you.
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What is it? 

Dyslexia is a severe and persistent reading and/or spelling problem. Characteristics are laborious reading and spelling, with insufficient automation of the process. Despite intensive training, the problems often persist. Dyslexia is not related to intelligence, but to the way the brain processes information. Persistent problems with reading and/or spelling can lead to reduced self-confidence or the development of fear of failure. 


What can you do yourself? 
  • If you would benefit from exam facilities (such as extra time), make an appointment with a student counselor. Make sure you have a statement of your diagnosis with you for inspection.
  • Keep practising reading and spelling.

Contact team Student Guidance

  • If your disability is an actual impediment to your study progress or you would like to arrange exam facilities, please book an appointment with a student counsellor.