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Family circumstances

What is it?

The term special family circumstances refers to drastic events in your immediate environment that affect you. Examples include divorce of parents, illness/death of a close family member, relationship problems, housing/living problems, problems adapting to Dutch culture and customs, but also informal care.

If you face family circumstances during your studies, this may affect your functioning and performance and your study progress. You may experience study delays as a result of your circumstances.

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What can you do yourself?

If you are or will be faced with family circumstances, discuss your situation as soon as possible with your student coach or a student counselor. By discussing your situation, you won't have to carry the burden alone and we can look at your needs together. This can vary from a listening ear to applying for one or more facilities or the temporary suspension of your study enrolment.

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If your family circumstances are an actual impediment to your study progress, please book an appointment with a student counsellor.