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Application for special arrangements of the Fontys Elite Athletes Scheme

The Fontys Elite Sport Policy and the Fontys Elite Athletes Scheme facilitate elite athletes and talent in the organisation (though not the content) of their study programme. All students must meet the same exit qualifications in order to obtain the study programme diploma. Where possible, Fontys will make special arrangements for elite athletes and talents to allow them to meet the exit qualifications.

Special arrangements as regards the organisation of the study programme of an elite athlete or talent are the joint responsibility of the student and the study programme.

This will require a proactive attitude on the part of the student. Skills that are characteristic of a proactive attitude include planning (not losing track, identifying bottlenecks), communication (asking for cooperation) and orientation (knowing what to ask for and what not to ask for).

Which special arrangements are in the Fontys Elite Athletes Scheme?

    • Special arrangements to adapt the academic timetable to suit training and competition schedules
    • Special arrangements regarding attendance requirements
    • Special arrangements regarding group work
    • Special arrangements regarding work placements and graduation projects
    • Special arrangements regarding tests and exams
    • Modified first-year arrangement