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Financial concerns

Studying has never been cheap, but in recent years financial difficulties amongst students have become a serious issue.

Research by Nibud (Netherlands Institute for Budget Information) shows that 80% of students have no proper overview of their monthly expenses . About 50% of student lack of an overall overview of income and expenses.

Just taking up a student loan may not always make ends meet. Most students will inevitably have to look for other sources of income. This search for extra finances is often related with high levels of stress. Parent contributions in terms of additional finances would be very welcome, but are not always a realistic option. 

What is it?

Financial worries and financial stress come up when you have spent more than what you receive on a monthly basis. 

Financial problems and worries are often accompanied by by additional negative emotions such as hostility, fear, lack of self-confidence, shame, sadness, and rejection. 

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What can you do yourself? 

Have you lost overview of your financial matters? Are you behind on your payments or do you have (major) financial worries? Then seek help as soon as possible, for example with the municipality/ local council you live. Many municipalities/ local council offer walk-in clinics on financial management. Social neighbourhood teams can also help you. This help is free of charge. Check your municipality's website to see how your municipality can help. 

There are also volunteers who can help with reading difficult letters on financial matters, getting an overview of income and expenditure, and tips on saving and allowances. 

If you are struggling to pay your tuition fees and/or are in arrears, please see the arrears page or contact the Tuition Fee Administration Department
(088-5073455 / lesgeld@fontys.nl) to discuss whether you can make payment arrangements. 

Contact team Student Guidance

  • If you would like to talk to someone about psychological issues you may experience as a result of your financial worries, make an appointment with your general practitioner or a student psychologist.
  • If your financial concerns are an actual impedement on your study progress, please book in an appointment with a student counselor.