Dealing with financial concerns

Studying has never been cheap, but in recent years financial difficulties amongst students have become a serious issue.

Research by Nibud (Netherlands Institute for Budget Information) shows that 80% of students have no proper overview of their monthly expenses . About 50% of student lack of an overall overview of income and expenses.

Just taking up a student loan may not always make ends meet. Most students will inevitably have to look for other sources of income. This search for extra finances is often related with high levels of stress. Parent contributions in terms of additional finances would be very welcome, but are not always a realistic option. 

What is it?

Financial worries and financial stress come up when you have spent more than what you receive on a monthly basis. 

Financial problems and worries are often accompanied by by additional negative emotions such as hostility, fear, lack of self-confidence, shame, sadness, and rejection. 

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