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Physical well-being

Other physical limitation(s) 

There could be several more reasons why you are not feeling well. Of course, your problem/complaint may not have been identified and worked out separately. Even then, you are, of course, entitled to help and support. 

  • If you want to exchange views on dealing with your physical symptoms, make an appointment with a student psychologist.
  • If your physical well-being is an actual impediment to your study progress, please book an appointment with a student counsellor.
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Food allergies

Do you have allergies, and would you like to know how the Fontys caterers deal with it?

All Fontys caterers are aware of the allergens in the available dishes, and there is always someone present from the caterer to provide the information you require.

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Take a look at the training offer to see if there is a training offered that suits your personal development.

Take a look at the training offer