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You receive a message via Studielink and Fontys when you can re-enrol for the upcoming study year.

How do I arrange my re-enrolment?

When you are logged in to Studielink (with your DigiD or mail/password) click on the action ‘Arrange your re-enrolment’. 

Arrange the payment of your tuition fees!

In your 'My To-Do list' of Studielink, you will find the option to enter your payment details. Go through the steps in the 'Enter payment details' screen and confirm.* For more information on payment options, check the 'Payment method' section of the Studielink Q&A. Check in Studielink whether your payment order has been processed. You will then have completed all the steps to complete your re-enrolment.

The above actions must be arranged by you before 1 September at the latest. If not, your re-enrolment cannot be finalised. You will then not be allowed to continue your studies in the concerning study year.

Collection of the first direct debit will take place on or around 25 September (i.e. not at the moment at which you enter your payment details). Please make sure to have a sufficient balance in your bank account at the time of the direct debit. Also check whether your correspondence address, telephone number and email address are still up-to-date. incassodata Go to fontys.nl/collegegeld for more information about the payment of your tuition fees.

Please note: if you are enrolled in more than one course programme, you will need to repeat the same steps for each course programme.

* Started on February 1st, 2023 or later? Then you don't need to re-enter your payment details, but please do check your payment details.

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Cancelling your enrolment request

You can withdraw your Enrolment Request via Studielink before 1 September until your enrolment becomes final, i.e. as long as the status in Studielink indicates that your 'Enrolment Request has been submitted'. If you cancel your enrolment at that time via the 'Withdraw enrolment request' button under 'My programmes', you will not owe any tuition fees.

If your enrolment was finalised before 1 September, whereby the status in Studielink indicates that you are 'enrolled', you can also click the button 'Withdraw enrolment request' in Studielink. If your enrolment became final after 1 September, whereby the status in Studielink indicates that you are 'enrolled', you can only cancel your enrolment by submitting a 'Request for termination of enrolment' via Studielink. A refund of overpaid tuition fees may be possible.