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About AD(H)D

If you are dealing with AD(H)D, you are often busier than other people, regardless of your age. You move around a lot and in your head it can be a chaos of thoughts. External stimuli affect you a lot and you often proactively seek out these stimuli.
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ADHD characteristics are divided into two categories: problems with attention, and hyperactivity and impulsivity:

  • Being easily distracted / having difficulty concentrating;
  • Having difficulty keeping an overview/planning;
  • Being very busy / restless (hyperactive);
  • Doing things without thinking (impulsive);
  • N.B. an ADD diagnosis lacks the variant 'hyperactivity'.

The combination of the above symptoms can cause students diagnosed with AD(H)D to experience problems during their studies. In some situations, AD(H)D is also accompanied by psychological problems such as depression and anxiety symptoms. In those cases, in addition to seeking help through the Fontys team Student Guidance, it is advisable to seek external help from/via a general practicioner. 

What can you do yourself?  
  • Recognise the symptoms of AD(H)D;
  • Seek help if you notice that this hinders you in your studies (1) Within your studies, for instance with your student coach, (2) Outside your study via your general practicioner or perhaps outpatient help;
  • If you would benefit from exam facilities (such as extra time), make an appointment with a student counselor. Make sure you have a statement of your diagnosis with you for inspection.

If you have been diagnosed with AD(H)D, in most cases you will have been made aware of the help available for this at an earlier stage (i.e. before you started your studies). If you are unsure whether you have AD(H)D, make an appointment with your general practicioner to be referred for diagnostic testing.