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Over autisme

If you have been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), you may experience problems in social interaction, communication or in focusing on certain study material. You may find it difficult to sense others (in group work), to let go of routines or habits, and/or to distinguish between main and side issues in study material.
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What is it?

Students with a diagnosis of Autism may (sometimes) experience problems during their studies in terms of social interaction, communication or in focusing on certain study material. Examples include problems with sensing other people (in group work), difficulty letting go of old routines and habits and difficulty distinguishing between main and minor points in study material.

In some cases, the combination of the above problems can cause you to get stuck during your studies. Extra guidance can be the key to getting you back on track after you have stalled in your study progress.

What can you do yourself?

If you have been diagnosed with ASD, in most cases you will have been made aware of the help available for this at an earlier stage (i.e. before you started your studies). If you are unsure whether you have ASD, make an appointment with your general practicioner to be referred for diagnostic testing.

It is advisable to report your diagnose as early as possible (start of study) to both your student coach and a student counselor. Any study problems can thus be spotted at an early stage with the aim of preventing you from getting stuck in your studies as a result.

If you would benefit from examination facilities (such as extra time), make an appointment with a student counselor in time. In that case, make sure you have a statement of your diagnosis with you for inspection.