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At Fontys you can choose from around 80 minors, 27 of which are in English. A wide range of subjects. In addition to these minors, your institute may also offer internal minors. These can be found on your institute's portal. It is also possible to do a minor at another Dutch university of applied sciences or at a foreign institute.

Minor orientation week

Mark it in your agenda! The minor orientation week will take place again from 25 - 28 March '24 .

Registrations for the orientation sessions start begin March.

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Institute minor

Your institute may also offer internal minors, you can find this offer on your institute's portal

More info

Do you find it difficult to make a choice? Book a session with your study coach or a career choice advisor

    Apply for a minor that starts in September from 1 February until 1 July.

    Apply for a minor that starts in February from 1 July until 15 December.

    • Not every minor starts in February and September, you will find the start dates at the top of the minor page

    • Minors can have a numerus fixus or fill up quickly, so make sure you make your choice in time!

    • To take part in the minor, you must have completed the propaedeutic phase or have permission from your programme's examination board.