EchoCare offers a non-wearable non-intrusive monitoring solution, which detects and alerts on emergencies as well as notifies on deviation from the person’s wellness profile.  

- Emergencies include incidents which require immediate response and cover: all types of falls, hyperventilation, wandering, and when needed (and enabled) out of bed or even the intention to leave the bed. 

- The Wellness of a person includes four reports:  

1. Sleep Quality report includes the time the person usually goes to sleep, time of wake up, sleep duration, restlessness in bed, number of out-of-bed during the night, where does the person go to during the night, total duration of these out-of-bed occurrences, sleep time during the day and more.  

2. Risk of Fall – the person’s speed of walk,  

3. Activity Level – Total walk distance, average walking speed and more. 

4. Time Alone (/social isolation) – time the person spent on his own at home without visitor/s. 

Waarom samenwerken met PITCH?

PITCH trains future caregivers, and it is of high importance for both the future caregivers and the technological companies to work together. For the companies, it is important to learn how to further improve the technology to exhaust its potential, and for the caregivers, it is important to understand the added value of the new technology and how it can be used in care to allow more personalized care per patient, as well as more efficient use of the caregivers time, which is highly important in face of the staff shortage situation which is expected to worsen.