Anne ten Hoeve

My name is Anne and I’m from the South of the Netherlands.
Because I am raised very cultural and got to explore all different kind of cultures. I got to develop a love for doing research, which made me more driven to explore every field I love and find interesting.

Why is it that way, how does it work, why do people react that way and how did it became like this?
How can I use this information?
How can I use it, solve it, create it and make something that matters, to me or someone else the world.

I love doing work that has a reason behind it and then create something new. Drawings, photos, 3d structures, an experience, just design. It doesn’t really matter which field.
Everything has a reason to become the way it is, how people will interpret something is the interesting part.

As a designer you get to create a bridge to communicate a message, a feeling, something useful or just something pretty.
And that is the beauty behind this field.

You get to explore with the most interesting people.
You get to make a connection between information and those people, make something that matters, no matter how smal or big.

For the future I would like to explore the field more with all kinds of company's and develop even more.

There is no end to learning something new and develop.

Thank you for listening, please check out my end project about children toys at my social media AND have a great day!