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In 2018, Miranda Rose Hall wrote “A play for the living in a time of extinction”. She asked herself what will happen to Homo sapiens and tells a story about life on earth in an era of man-made extinction. Her journey mirrors our own as she confronts impending climate disaster with honesty, humour, and heart.In 2022, 40 students from the Master of Arts Education will perform a full-length evening evening program in aCarousel Concept - a theatrical artistic research concept to be used as a practice for artists. Inspiration will be Rose Hall’s play. The Carousel is a play within a play. A serial improvisation that is staged as an event in 4 acts:an introductional Prologue, an Interlude, a Main Part - the Carousel Round Dance - and an Epilogue.Starting at 9am on Friday morning December 16., students will have 9 hours to to set up, prepare, rehearse and record the play they will perform in the evening. The outcome is still unknown, the only thing that is fixed is that you, the audience, can walk in and out constantly. No reservations or tickets are needed. And that everything is ecologically low impact: all energy - from playing, making music to the light bulb in the auditorium - is hand-human-made and shared for free.

Study: Master of Art Education