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Paloma Lazaro Arteaga

Paloma Lazaro Arteaga is an incredibly talented vocalist who works extremely hard and takes her craft very seriously. She is enthusiastic, driven and curious and she grabs every opportunity she gets with both hands. Paloma does not stop at just making music, but she likes to combine different disciplines such as light design, theater, and film.

Her debut album RITUAL was released in April 2023, a visual album with only her own compositions. Her band consists of big names from the Dutch jazz field, showing that she also wants to bridge different generations. It has become a very special product, in which she has sought a combination of beautiful videos that matches her music. She also works very hard on the edits and coloring of the videos. You don't see this interdisciplinary vision very often. Paloma also keeps looking for different possibilities and combinations, something that is very special.

Voice technically, Paloma is also an incredibly special singer. She sings in many different languages and has a huge range of timbres, yet you always recognize her voice and she is very much her own. Paloma Lazaro Arteaga is a name that everyone will remember after hearing and seeing her work.

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