Dance Academy

Nora NĂ­ Anluain Fay and Sorcha Murphy

Sorcha is a versatile dancer with strong technical skills. How she approaches movement is similar to how she approaches theatricality; precision and attention to details are qualities which are strongly present in her dancing and in her acting. But Sorcha is also poetic, witty, funny, dreamy, clownish, bold, cool and absolutely fierce. She has an extraordinary feeling for timing, which makes her very comical. It is a privilege for a choreographer to work with a dance artist like Sorcha, who can translate physical characters in so many directions with such precision, speed and playfulness.

Nora is an eclectic, playful, wicked, curious, restless, fairy-tale, driven, concealing, artistically rich soul. Both Nora as a person and her work cannot be categorized, nor does she want to be. She is the personification of the concept of "still waters deep grounds", there is an immense internal wealth that she knows how to shape in a very colourful way. Nora's work is eclectic, connecting a rich variety of sources into a universe in which different worlds collide, sometimes merge, sometimes go against each other. She herself describes her work as absurd, romantic, cross disciplinary, physical theater.

The chemistry between Nora and Sorcha is the kind that challenges and inspire each other to explore the edge, and expand beyond restrictions. It is also full of joy, warmth and trust.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

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