Circus and Performance Art

Nathan Glaister

Some students follow a conventional path; some simply don't. Nathan is the perfect example of a student who did not pursue a traditional trajectory, but created his own journey inside the Academy of Circus and Performance Art (ACAPA). With a distinctive personal position in the arts and society, Nathan promotes inventiveness and originality. As dancer, acrobat, and actor, during the four years spent at ACAPA, Nathan has met on a professional level the requirements of a perpetually evolving art form.

Nathan's works stress the importance of cultural awareness in contemporary circus. Challenging the frame of existing rules, his experimentation and artistic research work go beyond the already beaten path. By improvising with human gestures in acrobatics, dance and theatre, he begins to paint realities and stories that address social and political issues in our society, finding a drive to give voice through his physical practice.

Dive into the mysterious universe created by Nathan to meet Bila, a surprising and touching character that all of us can relate to. Bila is the story of a man who is mentally unstable and struggles with everyday tasks. Despite the absurdity and the twisted humor which is present in his piece, Nathan's work is a reflection of today's society.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

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