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Healthy and inclusive society

Within the Healthy and inclusive society theme, we focus on a society where everyone who wants to can participate fully, regardless of social/economic status, health disparities, literacy, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation.

    Healthy society

    At healthy society, we look at the transition from illness and care to health and behaviour. This transition brings several challenges, including increasing health inequalities. The ever-increasing role of digital tools in health and care carries the risk of further widening these health inequalities.The goal is to give everyone in our current, digital society a fair chance at health. Within the healthy society topic, projects, assignments and practice-oriented research are carried out at the Centre of expertise Health.

    Inclusive society

    This focuses us on a society in which everyone who wants to can participate fully. How to live together in a society that, among other things, has more and more forms of diversity, is individualistic, has different speeds, is in a transformation, has impoverished financial resources and where polarisation lurks. Polarisation leading to (further) hardening in society, declining trust in politics, governance and each other.The aim here is to fundamentally renew the social fabric in which new integral ecosystems and multidescent, local communities are the key within innovative and future-proof solutions. Within the subject of inclusive society, projects, assignments and practice-based research are carried out at the Fontys Future Health Knowledge Centre (in formation)

    Healthy and happy ageing in the Genderhof and the Genderbeemd

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    Healthy and happy ageing in the Genderhof and the Genderbeemd

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    Involved lectorates

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    Leading lector Centre of expertise Health

    Janienke Sturm

    Dr. J.A. (Janienke) Sturm

    Lector Mens en Technologie

    Leading lector kenniscentrum Inclusive Society

    Dr. ir. Mark de Graaf

    Dr.ir. M. (Mark) de Graaf

    Lector Interaction Design