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Additive Manufacturing for Localized Medical Parts Production: A Case Study (2021)

Auteurs: Victor Verboeket, Siavash Khajavi, Harold Krikke, Mika Salmi, Jan Holmström – IEEE Access

Assessing industrial barriers of additively manufactured digital spare parts implementation: a cross-organizational focus group study (2021)

Auteurs: Sergei Chekurov, Mika Salmi, Victor Verboeket, Tuomas Puttonen, Tuomas Riipinen, Annti Vaajoki – Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management

Proefschrift (2020)

The Disruptive Impact of Additive Manufacturing on Supply Chains: a Literature Study, Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda (2019)

Auteurs: Victor Verboeket, Harold Krikke – Computers in Industry

Additive Manufacturing: A Game Changer in Supply Chain Design (2019)

Auteurs: Victor Verboeket, Harold Krikke – Logistics