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FHK Nomination text Eveline Vervliet

Nomination text Eveline Vervliet

Eveline is one of the most gifted young composers we have ever met. Integrity, authenticity, societal engagement and quality are her most important features. Being a composer, who also plays the piano on a high level as well as the violin and percussion, she collaborates intensively with performers regarding her compositional proces. This makes her really a composer of the 21rst century: the (former, white, male) composer who descends his ivory tower. And in her descent or odyssee, she is not afraid of performing herself on stage as a composer at all: for instance, in playing samples or live-electronics in new music.

Her work has been performed on international festivals and stages by well known performers and ensembles. She herself, also went abroad for her minor in the prestigious Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Stuttgart, joining courses on contemporary music, analysis and computational music.

Her interest in the contemporary, major challenges of the 21rst century, like technological innovations and the climate crisis, motivated her to look for new, interdisciplinary ways to connect music and art. Therefore, she was part of Cynthia Hathaway’s Feedback Group, an interdisciplinary collective, exploring the possibilities of a new Artistic Manifest for Future Connective Practices. Besides this, she, for instance, made sound art with waste, composed a theatrical piece in which the singer makes hummus while performing and she immersed herself in the artistic possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Her current topic of exploration is interactivity, which will be shown in her final exam in Theater De Nieuwe Vorst in Tilburg.

This courageous, fantastic composer is AMPA’s strong nomination for the Jacques de Leeuw Prijs 2021.