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FHK Juryrapport Cecilia Rosso

FHK Juryrapport Cecilia Rosso
Jacques de Leeuw Prijs 2021
categorie Performing & Design

Cecilia is all about mobility, both in her mind, her technique, her versatility, her flexibility, her flamboyant circus personality and her cooperative spirit. She always seems to be "on. Moreover, she couples a vast knowledge of technique and science with an intriguing practice as a circus performer at the straps. The new circus can count itself rich with the entrance of this complete artist of Italian origin.  

Cecilia calls herself a perfectionist. Someone who always goes for a result of 100%. And yet she also knows how to leave room for improvisation. If, for example, a mistake should occur, she knows how to incorporate it seamlessly into the whole. Also because she knows so well what she is doing at all levels. She is eager to learn and dares to boldly explore innovative possibilities, for example by using light effects to temporarily blind the audience in the hope of forcing a different experience. As a discipline, circus carries the promise of being able to manifest itself everywhere, from museums to shopping malls and from interaction in the public space to the theater with all its technical possibilities. Cecilia moves along in this with equal suppleness and impressiveness. And once in action on the straps she almost seems to melt with the elastic canvas, becoming so one with her materials. The jury is impressed by the way in which she links the precise to the expressive, creates sculptures and yet remains visible herself. Everything has been thought about, her motor skills, her performance, the sound, the light.

With her clever mind, scientific curiosity and charismatic cheerfulness, she adapts the practice almost automatically. Other people also like to make use of her talents. The jury would therefore like to tell her that although she obviously needs people to develop her projects, she should not allow herself to be swayed by other requests for help. Hopefully she will continue to consciously reflect on her own focus, her own path and her own ambitions, as an independent performer or in a collective. However, the jury would be surprised if the circus world does not warm to this charismatic performer with that enormous energy and that Italian fire. With this special combination of qualities and talents, the jury suspects that Cecilia can go far. For example, she has also been nominated for the BNG Bank Circus Prize 2021. Getting two nominations in your graduation year is something few can do.