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GLOW: Let’s Beat Waste

This project is the fusion of garbage collection/recycling and a community-driven, environmentally-friendly message in the form of an interactive installment. It was made with the hopes of inspiring the community to band together to throw away garbage properly for the benefit of the city. Doing so would result in cleaner streets, a cleanear city, and a cleaner home.

Project description

The project was started from scratch, with a majority of the challenges coming from obtaining the necessary funds and materials to physically realize the installment. Furthermore, a lot of challenges also arose from the demanding creative aspects of the project such as creating a design that would be sturdy, yet simple enough to transport. The final results are a small-scale prototype of the Heart, with software, bins and the door mechanism working. Along side this, preparation for the production of the larger-scale Heart should be set up.

Project group

Timothy Samosir

Dorieke Sangers

Joshua Fechner

Iris de Rooij

Joke Benne

Adrian Florescu

Fontys tutor

Harold Benten