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Serious Game – Cross-border studying

Hello, I´m Tamila Dohother.

While cross-border interactions between the border regions of Germany and the Netherlands are quite common for work, shopping and studying, a lot of young people move to bigger cities after finishing school which leads to lack of professionals in the cities.

To prevent this issue from degrading even more, the creation of a serious game was proposed. It should specifically raise the students awareness of the region (Euregio Rhein-Maas-Nord / Euregio Rijn-Maas Noord) and inform them of the advantages and possibilities that are waiting for them.

As the base for the game was done by a previous intern, my goal is to expand on her work to create a board game and establish the rules for the participants. Hence, primary as well as secondary research will be used.

The desired outcome is an informing and engaging game that will ensure a brighter future for the region.

Contact: Tamila Dohother, m.dohother@fontys.nl, +31 8850 745 06.