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Artistic connective practices

The professorship Artistic Connective Practices aims to investigate how artists and their artistic (research) practices can contribute to the transformation towards a sustainable and resilient society.

About the professorship

The professorship explores how artists and specifically artistic researchers can make a contribution, right in the midst of society. Our strength is to ask questions from an artistic attitude towards what an environment, a situation or context offers to explore. We do so with a commitment to participate in the 'larger conversation' that goes beyond our own work or discipline: with citizens and the various communities, or other sectors such as healthcare or the creative economy.

Artistic Connective Practices aim to provide a perspective on complex issues through a number of core values, such as connecting through spending time together, rooted in agreed common ground, mutual respect and endless curiosity; affinity, integrity and kinship. With non-hierarchical and emergent forms of collaboration in an inclusive and diverse context as point of departure, these core values will be developed into research questions and concrete artistic research projects in the future of the professorship.

The professorship works in various places and contexts, at the intersection of artistic, cultural, social, educational and philosophical dimensions of communities (such as FHK), organisations and larger contexts - and thus aims to give artistic research a more prominent and defined place in society. Next to, but especially as a counterbalance to economic-monetary and political perspectives, the artistic perspective offers alternative opportunities to explore, deepen and concretize connectivity.

Besides the focus on Artistic Connective Practices, the professorship is committed to strengthening the overall research environment and community at FHK: by collaborating with the bachelor and master programmes, supporting teacher researchers and facilitating students in innovative non-disciplinary working groups. After all, connection is not only the theme of the professorship, it is its approach and fundamental attitude.


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Dr. F. (Falk) Hubner

Professor Artistic Connective Practices

Falk Hübner has a background as composer, theatre maker, researcher and educator. He is active in a huge diversity of collaborations within and outside of the arts. His research focuses on the social-societal potential of artistic research, research methodologies, and the relation of the arts and art education in relation to society.

Research projects

The Connective Intra-Activiteam

Researchers: Falk Hübner, Danae Theodoridou, Aart Strootman, Juriaan Achthoven, Heleen de Hoon, Jan Staes.

Connective Conversations

Starting in the 2021/2022 season, the professorship Artistic Connective Practices organises a series of encouters with practioners, the research team of the professorship and audience, in order to explore the notion of Artistic Connective Practices. The series is curated by the Connective Intra-Activiteam: Falk Hübner, Danae Theodoridou, Aart Strootman, Juriaan Achthoven, Heleen de Hoon and Jan Staes.

More information about the series can be found on the research catalogue

Running Tilburg

Researchers: Falk Hübner, Heleen de Hoon.

As a newcomer, Falk Hübner gets to know the city of Tilburg and its citizens - through running it. In order to create the 53K course, Heleen and Falk have invited Tilburg residents working at FHK and asked each of them to propose one or more places, areas, neighbourhoods to visit, accompanied by the story they have of this place. This process creates a number of "initial connections": between employers, the lectorate, its professor, the city and its citizens. 


Bron: FHK Lector
Falk Hübner rent rondje Tilburg ter kennismaking

blog post about running Tilburg

In Search of Stories

Researchers: Nirav Christophe, Henny Dörr (HKU), Falk Hübner.

In the project In Search of Stories (in collaboration with HKU, UMC and University Nijmegen; continuation of Hübner's time at HKU) an interdisciplinary group of artists works with cancer patients in terminal stage. Patients and artists go through a co-create artistic process in order to re-interpret and shed a different light on the patients' life stories. The research focuses on the transdisciplinary co-creative process between artist and patient.

Reflections. Child of Our Time

Researchers: Falk Hübner, Tobias Frenssen, Sofie Dirkx, Mark Reijnen.

Initiated by the Academy of Music Education, led by Carla Lagarde-de Waal.

The lectorate is involved in the research and reflection within the project Reflections - Child of Our Time, initiated by the Academy for Music Education (AME) in collaboration with Fontys Academy for Music and Performing Arts (AMPA), Brabant Koor, Kamerata Zuid and various music educative partners from the professional field. Individuals, groups and organisation with different (cultural) backgrounds come to a better mutual understanding in this music- and art-educative project, regarding their differences and commonalities, through a musical and interdisciplinary reflection, inspired by Michael Tippet's
oratorio A Child of Our Time.

This socially-engaged and artistic reflection will happen in a series of three productions: 

1.  A music theatre performance by AME students for youngsters;
2.  An interdisciplinary event by and for youngsters lead by students AME and AMPA, and musicians of Brabant Koor and Kamerata Zuid;
3.  The final concert performance of A Child of Our Timeby Brabant Koor, Kamerata Zuid and AMPA.


Researchers: Godelieve Spaas (professor of New Economy, Avans), Falk Hübner, Ulrika Kinn Svensson. In collaboration with dance company The100Hands.

In the Exchange-project, the lectorate Artistic Connective Practices collaborates with professional dance company The100Hands, professor of New Economy Godelieve Spaas (Avans) and the Fontys bachelor dance. The team explores a diversity of non-monetary forms of exchange through a process of artistic research. These explorations will lead to both a (participatory) dance performance and a lecture performance.

link to 100Hands

The Practice of democracy

Researcher: Danae Theodoridou

More information about the project here

Throughout the year, the professorship organises several events. Some of them in collaboration with study programmes or with other organisations, such as the Society for Artistic Research.

SAR Forum

In April 2024, the first International Forum of the Society for Artistic
Research (SAR) took place in Tilburg. SAR promotes artistic research within and outside academic institutions. They facilitate collaboration and communication through conferences and meetings, and disseminate knowledge about artistic research practices and results.

We started off in the impressive Lochal and Mindlabs, and spent the first day with welcome, introductions, the Instigation by Natalie Loveless, Anne-Helen Mydland and Lenka Hamosova, and following practice sessions.

The second day took place at Fontys Academy of the Arts, when the various SAR Special Interest Groups shared their work with the wider audience. 

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The routledge international handbook of practice based research

Inaugural lecture for the professorship Artistic Connective Practices (download)

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Dr. F. (Falk) Hubner

Professor Artistic Connective Practices