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  • Joost Reintjes

    Name: Joost Reintjes
    Course: Mechatronics
    Company: Reintjes Techniek

    Joost's passion is the development of new technical systems as an entrepreneur, which led him to set up the company Reintjes Techniek in 2015.
    Through his company, Joost hopes to contribute significant technical innovations both in the Netherlands and beyond.

    Reintjes Techniek is a technical company which concentrates on the development of standard products within Mechatronics. These could take the form of systems which are used for the support and implementation of assembly- modification,- and processing activities. 

    In the future, Joost hopes to lead a healthy and growing company, known for it's in-house expertise, good profit statement, and motivated employees. In addition, he hopes to transfer his own passion and drive so that his future employees enjoy their work as much as he does.

    Once Joost has been admitted to the Student Entrepreneur Program, he will be able to complete a challenging company project as his graduation assignment. Of course, Joost can make good use of the extra coaching and Master classes provided by the program.

  • Niklas Schnieder

    Name: Niklas Schnieder
    Industrieel Product Ontwerpen
    Freelancer Niklas Schnieder

    Molivia is committed to bringing sustainable, flexible and mobile architecture to the market. We are still in the founding phase and have been pursuing this idea for 2 years. The concept can be used in a private and commercial environment. Each module has around 20 square meters, but can be upgraded to the amount needed. Setup is easily down in a few minutes and in just a matter of an hour, large building complexes can build up. Mobility, sustainability, modularity and customizability are the major columns of the product and company, and make it unique in the market.

    Recently, the idea has become more and more concrete and next year the plan is to build the first prototype and, in the process, have the core aspects of the product protected. For this to happen, last changes and analysis in CAD are in the works.

    Major aspects that still need to be investigated, is the financing of the whole project, build up marketing strategies and the online presence. Expertise in these fields is always welcome. To build up the company, a large amount of capital is needed. However, rethinking the current society is overdue by a long time. Therefore, this investment will be the foundation of a more flexible and sustainable future. Behaviour with regard to living, travelling and education is changing, this is where the product will lead to new possibilities and changes.

    The internship in combination with the CVO leaded to a validated business model, a brought network and a reflective mindset. This opportunity is extremely precious to everyone, who has the goal to change something for future generations and work on outside the box thinking products and services.

    "I am proud that i am able to work on projects, that will change the future in some aspects and make it more sustainable for the environment, animals and humanity."

  • Iliya Sivkov

    Iliya Sivkov
     International Business
    Company: Trading Fanatic

    Entrepreneurial since a very young age, Iliya had his first business venture in 2016. He borrowed money from his dad and opened up his first company – Gaming Space. Iliya was importing console games and accessories from the UK and reselling them in his native country. Few months later, he achieved a 100% return on his borrowed money and that was a lightbulb moment – he knew business was calling.

    Iliya is a fan of online businesses. ‘’I want my business to be mobile, passive, time and stress free.’’ He first started with dropshipping and Amazon FBA, but that wasn’t his passion. Everything changed when he got introduced to the Financial Markets. Stocks were the first interest, but they came with a few downsides – bigger capital requirements, no access to American stock trading brokerages, no proper education platforms. Then, Iliya started learning about the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market and the more time he spent on it, the more obsessed he became.

    During his learning journey, Iliya had an inspiration to share his learnings and progress with other people and started providing value. It was a huge leap, as he started an Instagram and YouTube account and as every new creator – imposter syndrome was present. With time and most importantly – consistency, the channels started growing and a lot of traders resonated with Iliya’s approach to trading and his unique way of content delivery. Many people wanted to be mentored and learn from him and that’s when Iliya identified a business opportunity.

    Trading Fanatic was officially registered as a company in the Netherlands in January, 2020. Since then, the company has been generating consistent and increasing revenue. Iliya is reaching more and more people from all around the world each month and has helped over 300 traders with his private program and mentorship. Trading Fanatic has a combined following of over 118,000 people and this is just the beginning.

    Iliya is building diversified wealth by trading, investing in stocks, swing trading crypto, ads revenue, sponsorships, consulting and more. His aim is to teach people how to become financially free in a simple and sustainable way.

    ‘’I believe being a Student Entrepreneur will help me network with the right people and get valuable advise from the highly-skilled coaches!’’

  • Maximilian Nols

    Name: Maximilian Nols
    Course: International Marketing
    Company: Webdesign Managers

    Maximilian was always an “out of the box“ thinker. Always searching for new great ideas, he fell in love with public speakers that you can find on Ted X Talks and similar formats. In december of 2018 one big question arose upon his mind: “How can I go from spectator to action taker and work with these great minds hand in hand?" He used the rest of the month to dive deep into this topic and come up with a plan.

    On January 1st. he founded his own Company called Webdesign Managers. The company is focused on helping Speakers, Coaches and Trainers to get more public reach than ever with Tools such as Facebook Advertising and Google Advertising and everything that comes with it. Besides the technicalities, which are part of the companies service, there is two big characteristics that are defining Webdesign Managers: Transparency and Honesty. “I got so tired of all the scammy advertisements online, that promote digital marketing and I wanted to offer something that is more sincere, honest and results driven”. This approach seemed to be the right choice: So far the company is under steady growth with rising tendencies. Webdesign Managers celebrated multiple success Stories ever since it was founded.

    To name a few:
    - Webdesign Managers build an Online Shop that was making 5 figure revenues after 48 hours after the website was launched.
    - A platform, which holds more than 450 Speakers, Coaches and Salestrainers became a customer, advertising their Members on Google through Webdesign Managers.
    - The founder, Maximilian Nols was officially invited to hold a speech in front of 90 Members of the German Speaker Association in regards to Facebook Advertising, on June 10th 2020. The current plan and goal for Maximilian is, to continue and build upon the success and scale the business further.

    He believes that Fontys will be a big help on the way:

    The Student Entrepreneur Program will be a huge help on my journey, to scale and further develope my business, as I am a big believer in learning from people, who have more experience than myself. I am planning to use the chances and knowledge that are given to me through the Student Entrepreneur Program as much as possible in the upcoming years!"

  • Tieme Goedendorp, Simcha van Helvoort and David van Keulen

    Name: Tieme Goedendorp, Simcha van Helvoort and David van Keulen
    Applied Mathematics
     Tau Omega 

    Tieme, Simcha en David met each other while taking the course Applied Mathematics. After completing a business administration class in their second year, all three realized that they wanted to go into business for themselves. It was during the following year that the idea of becoming entrepreneurs really began to take root. The team project and working atmosphere suited them so well, that they wanted to continue their work after the completion of the course. It was during a night out for a beer that the idea of "Tau Omega," then as a play on words, was born.

    Once they made the collective decision to become entrepreneurs, they enlisted the help of the CvO. Several coaching sessions with their business developer helped them formulate and solidify their ideas for their own company. After extensive interviews with several companies, they were able to draft a detailed overview of the specific problems which needed urgent attention within these organizations. 

    The one main problem which finally revealed itself was that these companies had a great volume of data, but they had no idea what to do with the information, or how to properly analyze it. Tieme, Simcha en David address this problem by providing these businesses with time based and project based data analyses. The solutions they offer are mainly based on Machine Learning, an emerging market which has already gained significant interest.

    At this time, Tieme, Simcha en David are doing all the work on their own- from project acquisition all the way to completion. In the future they are hoping to expand to become the go-to company for customized Machine Learning and where you dream of working once you finish your education.

    Ambitious plans for the future!

  • Martijn Boere

    Name: Martijn Boere
     Digital Business Concepts

    Martijn has been involved in the bicycle industry since his childhood. His parents have had a bicycle shop in the center of Prinsenbeek for 35 years. Martijn has noticed the transformation in the bicycle field. Where bicycles were used as transport, nowadays it is part of us as a human-being. You can compare it with your clothing style. A bicycle must suit you. The bicycle accesoiries must suit you.

    The wide range of bicycle accessoiries and bicycle components are impossible to have in stock for a local bicycle shop. Martijn changed it with This webshop has a range of more than 16.000 bicycle items and guarantees a fast delivery. Well-known brands such as: Gazelle, Cortine, Yepp and Shimano belong to the large assortment of BikeBudget. If you order before 9 p.m. they will deliver the next day!

    As the name already suggests, you can find everything for a ‘budget’ price on the website. However, that is not the most important component of the company. Service and a happy and statisfied customer is also important. De webshop is growing really fast and so are the positive reviews of the customers.
    Everything for a better bike.

  • Kevin Baggen

    Name: Kevin Baggen
    Study: Fontys Real Estate
    Company: Escape Room Kerkrade

    Escape from the ancient Rolduc Abbey, that is wat Kevin Baggen offers groups of 3 to 25 people per hour in Kerkrade. In March 2016, he completed his test period and started his first Escape Room in Parkstad. Back then, Kevin turned his hobby into an official company, named: Escape Room Kerkrade VOF. Together with his younger brother, Ian Baggen, he runs the company. They currently have two rooms in the attics of the Abbey, where guests must find their way out through solving riddles and puzzles. Communication and team work are the keywords in escaping the Abbey.

    Besides the unique and more than 900-old location, Escape Room Kerkrade is characterized by renewing its rooms every year. In addition, there is a close collaboration with the Abby, where various packages can be enjoyed, for example: a lunch or dinner. Or guests can enjoy a nice brewed beer at the Brouwgilde in order to have a full abbey experience.

    For the upcoming years, growth is the main goal for the young entrepreneurs. In addition: they will look into marketing communication, will raise more knowledge of labor law and wants to hire more staff members.

  • Ben Venhaus

    Name: Ben Venhaus
    Company: Stickstoff
    Study: Fontys International Business

    Ben has always been eager to start his own business as early as possible. There is also a great interest in textiles. "Even in my school days, I've earned a bit by doing this with the trade of textiles", says the young entrepreneur. 

    In June of this year he founded the textile company stick's. They offer apparel & promotional items for clubs and schools. Customers can choose from over 4,000 textiles ranging from simple T-shirts to protective clothing for the highest demands. Whether clothing for the workwear area, for doctors' practices, in the catering trade, business clothing or for sports and events. The company can rely on all common printing methods.

    In addition, the range also includes promotional items that are provided with individual logo prints, even in small quantities. "If customers are already interested in individual textiles, then why not on individual promotional items?" These are suitable as a customer gift, fair giveaway or for the uniform corporate appearance.  

    Especially important for Ben is service. He wants to set himself apart with professional and individual advice for the customer. "Many customers come to me and tell me that they have not been given professional advice," explains Ben. "The price was important and not quality. "Especially in the workwear sector, quality should be the first priority." To keep this from happening, Ben gives his clients individual advice and free samples, which is very important in terms of fit and quality.

    In the future, Ben plans to concentrate on equipping sports clubs. Together with the Dutch entrepreneur Peter Beursgens, he has developed a concept that enables amateur clubs to make big profits with the help of textiles. The project will start in the summer of next year.

  • Geert Bens

    Name: Geert Bens
    T&G Created

    T&G Created is a web agency, set up by two friends who have known each other since primary school. These two friends are called Teun & Geert. Hence the two letters in the company name. With two completely different studies, but also differences in their character, these friends complement each other in different areas. It all started with philosophizing about their own company when Teun & Geert realized that, in addition to their studies, they could develop themselves even better and faster when they could also do their job. They quit their student jobs and got to work. They became even more enthusiastic when they saw that they could help people to become more visible in the
    online world.

    T&G Created has been active for a year now and has already completed many successful projects. Their strength lies in a well thought-out process and a personal approach. They listen to the wishes of the customer and use their expertise to achieve the right result.

    Teun and Geert come especially for the knowledge that the CVO possesses. They want to grow and
    look for the right tools for this. But for what, hear what! So if you have questions about websites or
    you can always contact them in a webshop.

  • Gyan van den Bogert & Mike Van Wijnen

    Name: Gyan van den Bogert and Mike Van Wijnen
     Commercial economy - Digital Business Concepts
    Company: Mediya

    Mediya is a company that makes powerful custom websites for companies. However, Mediya has another branch that focuses on maintaining websites called: WPmonitoring. WPmonitoring automates the updating of sites and checks the sites before and after updating to see if the site is still working as it should. This entire process is automatic, which saves a lot of time.

    Gyan van den Bogert and Mike Van Wijnen came up with the idea of ​​Mediya because of their interests; online, entrepreneurship and marketing to see what matched these. Gyan and Mike received a lot of demand for sites from the network and so they started developing some sites. 1 year later it has already grown considerably and Gyan and Mike have already been able to help 25 companies in 2021.

    Mediya is currently fully operational and has great collaborations planned. WPmonitoring is currently in the alpha phase. External parties that have registered themselves can now test the software, the collected data / feedback is processed and WPmonitoring is expected to be fully live within a month.

    From Fontys Centre for Entrepeneurship, Gyan and Mike would like support with certain laws and regulations. Gyan and Mike would like to do an internship in their own company for half a year so that they can fully focus on the growth and development of their companies.

  • Lynn Feskens

    Name: Lynn Feskens
     Lifestyle Research & Concept Creation
    Company: Fesly

    Fesly is a jewelry webshop that creates its fame through Instagram, set up by Lynn Feskens, student Lifestyle Research & Concept Creation at Fontys Tilburg.

    Lynn has always been busy making and collecting the most beautiful jewelry. As a little girl she already sold homemade bracelets. Starting a webshop was not yet on her mind, but she knew that she would eventually do something with this creativity.

    With a great passion for fashion and following trends, Lynn ran into the fact that many webshops do not pick up on certain trends or too late. In addition, trendy webshops are expensive and if you want to wear a new set every so often, this is unaffordable for many. In addition to trendy jewelry, Fesly is also a lifestyle, the focus within this brand is on feeling good and mixing timeless jewelry with eye catchers.

    There is a large target group that wants trendy jewelry with a good price-quality ratio. Lynn saw a market here and decided to start her webshop last summer. After orienting herself for a while in the field of purchasing and marketing, she built her own webshop.

    Lynn comes from the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and has learned everything here in the field of design and website building. She can now use all of this to express herself on social media. She and her friends are models and they regularly drive to the beach for photo shoots.

    Fesly is growing faster through online campaigns and has been live since 2020. All items on the webshop are first tested extensively, one of Fesly's USP is that the jewelry can be worn 24/7 and does not discolour. Initially, only gold was available in the webshop, because Lynn wears it herself and she can test it well this way. Now that the webshop is starting to run well, in addition to many new gold items, silver items are also being added. At the moment Lynn is discussing points of sale and organizing shopping nights at nice catering establishments.

    Lynn still has big plans, she wants to expand the webshop and design her own collection abroad. Next summer Lynn will devote her graduation assignment to her webshop.

    Are you curious? Take a look at or Instagram.

  • Leon Chen

    Name: Leon Chen
     International Business
    Company: OZEANOS Technology GmbH

    Leon grew up in a very tech-savvy environment with parents operating in the technology and computer industry for over 25 years. There is no wonder that he was already really interested in discovering and experiencing new technology and innovations from an early age.

    Having this kind of environment also brought the fast-developing industry naturally to Leon, where he already attended many fairs to see everything related to technological products, which fascinated the young boy and even increased his interest in the whole industry. This also brought the advantage that he understood new technology quite fast, where he was curious to analyze and solve problems of various technological products.

    During the studies at Fontys he then thought about, like every teenager, to turn his hobby and passion to his business and career. Looking at the technology market, Leon realized that nearly every shop is overloaded with a lot of input, which is potentially overwhelming beginners in this sector.

    So, the idea in the end was to launch an e-commerce shop, called OZEANOS, selling all kinds of products related to technology and electronics, ranging from pc-components to smart home products to household appliances to make the life of their customers easier. However, the difference is that he wanted to keep the portfolio as tidy as possible to not overwhelm possible customers. The plan for the future is to increase the portfolio step-by-step, not into the depth but into a wider range of different products.

    After that a pre-built gaming-PC shop, called OZ-PC, was launched, where the plan is to offer plug-and-play ready PCs to “beginner” or new PC enthusiasts.

    Having the customer in focus and not the cheapest price on the market allows Leon to provide the best possible service as he can to the customers. Now, having a great team of young people with different strengths, they can focus on growing into the right direction in the future.

    Through the Fontys Student Entrepreneur Program, he received valuable consultation to support growing the business and he is sure that the program will be a great way to build a network to discuss ideas with fellow student entrepreneurs.

  • Yunus Demirel

    Name: Yunus Demirel
     International Finance & Controlling
    Company: Wirsinz

    Yunus and his Co-Founder love coffee, just like you probably do. As they started to get more and more involved with the topic of coffee, one thing quickly became clear: the coffee industry is often anything but fair. The farmers who laboriously grow the coffee on the plantations benefit the least from the popularity of the hot beverage. The farmers’ esteem in the global supply chain is far too low for what they achieve. Often, they are left with a pittance that is barely enough to live on.

    That was the spark that motivated the founders to start their company to make a difference. wirsinz is an e-commerce startup that offers specialty coffee from individual farmers to make coffee trade as personal, transparent and humane as possible. The company started with one product called “Tomás”, named after the farmer who grew the coffee. Soon, the company will introduce two new farmers on their website from which customers can buy their coffee from.

    wirsinz’s vision is to change the way how people and companies trade with each other. The company believes that everyone can profit from trading without the need that one party has to suffer. On the platform of wirsinz, every farmer profits with every single sale. With every kilogram of coffee that is sold through wirsinz, the farmers get an additional social premium of 1,50€. The aim of wirsinz is to create a win-win-win situation, because behind every cup of coffee there is a person whose life you can improve.

  • Gerrit Scholle

    Name: Gerrit Scholle
     International Finance & Control
    Company: Taxi Scholle

    What's the most important thing that elevates man from animals? Some say it's the languages humans share amongst ourselves. Others say its our societies, risen from nothing. Others again say it's complex culture, a heritage, a shared vision created in man's eyes.  But all  these things have one thing in common:  humans that share, come together and connect with each other, to make something bigger than themselves.

    One line of work that's in the business of connecting humans together is the humble taxi driver. They bring loved ones to each other, business people to important meetings, families to where they enjoy the greatest moments together. They listen with an ear to people sharing their troubles and joy. They drive through sleet, snow and rain so that others don't have to, always keeping two eyes on the road.

    Certainly, there is nothing innovative about a taxi business, nothing disruptive about driving people around. A taxi business is a business like a barber shop or a bakery, essential but forgotten by most unless needed. Most of the time, you don't read about taxis in the newspapers like you would new, innovative businesses and ideas.  This may be the case. Because it's not about being disruptive. It is about something more deeply profound - about helping people connect and share across distances.

    That is why Gerrit owns a Taxi company in Straelen, right across the border from Venlo. Yes, it has been an ordinary job for him for many years  - but it has also been a journey to bring all humans closer together for more than 5 years now.

    Gerrit Scholle

    Gerrit Scholle

  • Frederique Gerritse

    Name: Frederique Gerritse
     Fontys Communications
    Company: FG Media Design

    FG Media Design is a graphic design agency based in Tilburg. Frederique graduated in 2017 as a graphic designer at SintLucas in Boxtel and now studies Fontys Communication to get her bachelor’s degree. After her graduation she started working as a freelancer. On 2-2-2020 FG Media Design is officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce. FG Media Design designs for a broad target group. This target group includes entrepreneurs, event agencies, wedding planners and individuals. She finds her passion mainly in life style events.

    FG Media Design focuses mainly on SMEs and event agencies. Frederique designs everything from A to Z for the most beautiful moments in the life of a 'client'. For example, a wedding. FG Media Design provides a save the date invitation, and everything else that comes with the big day in terms of graphic designs. Frederique thinks that it is very important that the designs are printed by companies (printing houses) which deliver good quality. She wants to be involved in all aspects of the design process. The graphic designs that FG Media Design delivers are high quality. FG Media Design mainly delivers luxury prints. Working together with clients is Frederique's main focus, which leads to the best results.

    Clients reach out to FG Media Design for the unique style, personal approach and short lines of communication. So far, Frederique's company has received clients mainly through word of mouth. The social media accounts can still get more attention so that brand awareness will most likely grow. How to create brand awareness is one of the facets where Frederique hopes to get help with through the Fontys Student Entrepreneurship Scheme. 

  • Jonas Lieske & Manuel Osterloh

    Name: Jonas Lieske & Manuel Osterloh
     Business Informatics / Software Engineering
    Company: Merchkraken

    Selling white-labelled products with your own designs printed on it has been in the trends for some time now, the process is called Print-on-demand (POD).

    No wonder, considering there are a lot of people praising POD as an easy way to earn passive income. Nevertheless, POD requires lots of work and experience, whether it be the design realization or research of profitable niches to sell in.

    There are plenty of people experimenting and failing to get into this business, even though it has been a growing market for years now. Seeing this opportunity, Jonas Lieske decided in the beginning of 2020 to offer a graphic design service for POD beginners and experts.

    Starting with close to none orders on the freelancing platform “Fiverr”, the business built up over months. Two orders in February became twenty in November, so Jonas decided to get help from a friend – Manuel Osterloh.

    With his help, the company MerchKraken was founded – A graphic design company, focussed on print-on-demand designs. 

    Manuel’s expertise in customer relations led to the realization that the only way to stand out in an otherwise overcrowded pool of graphic designers would be to step up customer satisfaction by offering top quality, highly detailed designs and outstanding communication.

    Soon they climbed the ladder to the top selling sellers in their niche on Fiverr. Larger companies, agencies and even some big players reached out to them to get their work commissioned. By then the company was already making 4 figures and needed additional working force to proceed offering the best outcomes.

    That was when Jonas and Manuel got a dedicated designer engaged in the business process.

    Right now MerchKraken is growing and has around 40-50 orders per month. Manuel and Jonas are constantly trying to scale the business by validating new sales channels and broadening their offered services (Apparel design, logos, infographics, illustrations and more).

    Both of them share a common vision where they want to create a casual working environment where everyone can flourish and grow their personal traits.

  • Fabienne Janssen

    Name: Fabienne Janssen
     International Business & Management
    Company: FÉLINA by Fabienne

    The B2C jewelry brand FÉLINA by Fabienne was founded in October 2020 and distributes fashion jewelry online. It combines trendy jewelry styles with high-quality materials and a luxury customer experience. The USP is the luxury branding and packaging combined with affordable prices and the personalization of the brand through an authentic representation by the founder.

    Our Mission

    There are only a few things to which people develop a deeply emotional bond and one of them is jewelry. We all have a very special piece of jewelry that we never take off and always carry with us. This piece of jewelry reminds us of a beautiful experience, a special moment or a loved one. And when we don't wear the jewelry, we feel like something is missing. FÉLINA by Fabienne wants to create such pieces of jewelry with a timeless design and high quality materials.

  • Adrian Garn

    Name: Adrian Garn
     International Marketing
    Company: Website-WirdZeit

    The Webdesign- / Marketing Agency „WWZ“, based in germany was founded in June 2019 and began to expand in possibilities from minute one. The Business began as a basic Website-selling Service and branched out to now offer close to all services that have to do with running an Online-Business. The „WWZ-Team“ is steadily growing and started with 3 Friends that specified thier studies in different parts of Web-Development and Marketing. The USP of the WWZ-services is a very personal and flexible system for self-employed people and middle-class sized Companies, with moderate Budgets and their 2-week Website Service if your project needs to be finished asap.

    The guys from Website-WirdZeit will find a solution for almost every idea you might have, that can be put on a website. If you are interested check them out at .

    „Challenges are what makes our job interesting, our focus is always quality, with the right amount of speed!“ – Adrian Garn WWZ

  • Maksim Roļščikovs

    Name: Maksim Roļščikovs
    Company: EXOY

    At the age of 16, Maksim became bored of usual programming. He decided to try himself as a businessman and develop something that people have never seen before. He has put together a team of friends and they started looking for projects. Throughout the whole year, the team was trying to assemble different contraptions and later Maksim has discovered a passion for lighting and decided to dedicate his life to this area.

    In 2020 Maksim founded a company called Exoy and started the development of unique lighting equipment. He and his team spent months on courses and by the end of 2020, the products became ready to be offered to the market. They have developed products with the unique infinity effect in a cube, dodecahedron, and mirror shapes. The simplest infinity effect is created by putting two semi-transparent mirrors facing one another with the LED strip in between. However, if arranged in a different shape, the effect becomes mesmerizing.

    Not only the infinity effect was the selling point, but the precise music synchronization feature, mobile app control, and sophisticated modes as well. Each product looks alive when the music is turned on, it reacts to each beat, visualizing the composition. The products are designed with a “plug-and-play” possibility in mind, so no settings are necessary, just plug it in and enjoy! Nonetheless, the modes can be set up precisely to your wish using the mobile app.

    Currently, the team is working on new shape and size development, they have great plans on making club and festival lighting. Maksim is hoping to get connections, partners, and colleges in Eindhoven and believes that the Student Entrepreneur Program will help him in that. He admits that it is only the beginning of his career and there are multiple things he will need to learn before he can build a sustainable and independent lighting manufacturing corporation that will impress and inspire its customers.