Maksim Roļščikovs

Name: Maksim Roļščikovs
Company: EXOY

At the age of 16, Maksim became bored of usual programming. He decided to try himself as a businessman and develop something that people have never seen before. He has put together a team of friends and they started looking for projects. Throughout the whole year, the team was trying to assemble different contraptions and later Maksim has discovered a passion for lighting and decided to dedicate his life to this area.

In 2020 Maksim founded a company called Exoy and started the development of unique lighting equipment. He and his team spent months on courses and by the end of 2020, the products became ready to be offered to the market. They have developed products with the unique infinity effect in a cube, dodecahedron, and mirror shapes. The simplest infinity effect is created by putting two semi-transparent mirrors facing one another with the LED strip in between. However, if arranged in a different shape, the effect becomes mesmerizing.

Not only the infinity effect was the selling point, but the precise music synchronization feature, mobile app control, and sophisticated modes as well. Each product looks alive when the music is turned on, it reacts to each beat, visualizing the composition. The products are designed with a “plug-and-play” possibility in mind, so no settings are necessary, just plug it in and enjoy! Nonetheless, the modes can be set up precisely to your wish using the mobile app.

Currently, the team is working on new shape and size development, they have great plans on making club and festival lighting. Maksim is hoping to get connections, partners, and colleges in Eindhoven and believes that the Student Entrepreneur Program will help him in that. He admits that it is only the beginning of his career and there are multiple things he will need to learn before he can build a sustainable and independent lighting manufacturing corporation that will impress and inspire its customers.