Tieme Goedendorp, Simcha van Helvoort and David van Keulen

Name: Tieme Goedendorp, Simcha van Helvoort and David van Keulen
Applied Mathematics
 Tau Omega 

Tieme, Simcha en David met each other while taking the course Applied Mathematics. After completing a business administration class in their second year, all three realized that they wanted to go into business for themselves. It was during the following year that the idea of becoming entrepreneurs really began to take root. The team project and working atmosphere suited them so well, that they wanted to continue their work after the completion of the course. It was during a night out for a beer that the idea of "Tau Omega," then as a play on words, was born.

Once they made the collective decision to become entrepreneurs, they enlisted the help of the CvO. Several coaching sessions with their business developer helped them formulate and solidify their ideas for their own company. After extensive interviews with several companies, they were able to draft a detailed overview of the specific problems which needed urgent attention within these organizations. 

The one main problem which finally revealed itself was that these companies had a great volume of data, but they had no idea what to do with the information, or how to properly analyze it. Tieme, Simcha en David address this problem by providing these businesses with time based and project based data analyses. The solutions they offer are mainly based on Machine Learning, an emerging market which has already gained significant interest.

At this time, Tieme, Simcha en David are doing all the work on their own- from project acquisition all the way to completion. In the future they are hoping to expand to become the go-to company for customized Machine Learning and where you dream of working once you finish your education.

Ambitious plans for the future!