Fabienne Janssen

Name: Fabienne Janssen
 International Business & Management
Company: FÉLINA by Fabienne

The B2C jewelry brand FÉLINA by Fabienne was founded in October 2020 and distributes fashion jewelry online. It combines trendy jewelry styles with high-quality materials and a luxury customer experience. The USP is the luxury branding and packaging combined with affordable prices and the personalization of the brand through an authentic representation by the founder.

Our Mission

There are only a few things to which people develop a deeply emotional bond and one of them is jewelry. We all have a very special piece of jewelry that we never take off and always carry with us. This piece of jewelry reminds us of a beautiful experience, a special moment or a loved one. And when we don't wear the jewelry, we feel like something is missing. FÉLINA by Fabienne wants to create such pieces of jewelry with a timeless design and high quality materials.