Lynn Feskens

Name: Lynn Feskens
 Lifestyle Research & Concept Creation
Company: Fesly

Fesly is a jewelry webshop that creates its fame through Instagram, set up by Lynn Feskens, student Lifestyle Research & Concept Creation at Fontys Tilburg.

Lynn has always been busy making and collecting the most beautiful jewelry. As a little girl she already sold homemade bracelets. Starting a webshop was not yet on her mind, but she knew that she would eventually do something with this creativity.

With a great passion for fashion and following trends, Lynn ran into the fact that many webshops do not pick up on certain trends or too late. In addition, trendy webshops are expensive and if you want to wear a new set every so often, this is unaffordable for many. In addition to trendy jewelry, Fesly is also a lifestyle, the focus within this brand is on feeling good and mixing timeless jewelry with eye catchers.

There is a large target group that wants trendy jewelry with a good price-quality ratio. Lynn saw a market here and decided to start her webshop last summer. After orienting herself for a while in the field of purchasing and marketing, she built her own webshop.

Lynn comes from the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and has learned everything here in the field of design and website building. She can now use all of this to express herself on social media. She and her friends are models and they regularly drive to the beach for photo shoots.

Fesly is growing faster through online campaigns and has been live since 2020. All items on the webshop are first tested extensively, one of Fesly's USP is that the jewelry can be worn 24/7 and does not discolour. Initially, only gold was available in the webshop, because Lynn wears it herself and she can test it well this way. Now that the webshop is starting to run well, in addition to many new gold items, silver items are also being added. At the moment Lynn is discussing points of sale and organizing shopping nights at nice catering establishments.

Lynn still has big plans, she wants to expand the webshop and design her own collection abroad. Next summer Lynn will devote her graduation assignment to her webshop.

Are you curious? Take a look at or Instagram.