Iliya Sivkov

Iliya Sivkov
 International Business
Company: Trading Fanatic

Entrepreneurial since a very young age, Iliya had his first business venture in 2016. He borrowed money from his dad and opened up his first company – Gaming Space. Iliya was importing console games and accessories from the UK and reselling them in his native country. Few months later, he achieved a 100% return on his borrowed money and that was a lightbulb moment – he knew business was calling.

Iliya is a fan of online businesses. ‘’I want my business to be mobile, passive, time and stress free.’’ He first started with dropshipping and Amazon FBA, but that wasn’t his passion. Everything changed when he got introduced to the Financial Markets. Stocks were the first interest, but they came with a few downsides – bigger capital requirements, no access to American stock trading brokerages, no proper education platforms. Then, Iliya started learning about the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market and the more time he spent on it, the more obsessed he became.

During his learning journey, Iliya had an inspiration to share his learnings and progress with other people and started providing value. It was a huge leap, as he started an Instagram and YouTube account and as every new creator – imposter syndrome was present. With time and most importantly – consistency, the channels started growing and a lot of traders resonated with Iliya’s approach to trading and his unique way of content delivery. Many people wanted to be mentored and learn from him and that’s when Iliya identified a business opportunity.

Trading Fanatic was officially registered as a company in the Netherlands in January, 2020. Since then, the company has been generating consistent and increasing revenue. Iliya is reaching more and more people from all around the world each month and has helped over 300 traders with his private program and mentorship. Trading Fanatic has a combined following of over 118,000 people and this is just the beginning.

Iliya is building diversified wealth by trading, investing in stocks, swing trading crypto, ads revenue, sponsorships, consulting and more. His aim is to teach people how to become financially free in a simple and sustainable way.

‘’I believe being a Student Entrepreneur will help me network with the right people and get valuable advise from the highly-skilled coaches!’’