Leon Chen

Name: Leon Chen
 International Business
Company: OZEANOS Technology GmbH

Leon grew up in a very tech-savvy environment with parents operating in the technology and computer industry for over 25 years. There is no wonder that he was already really interested in discovering and experiencing new technology and innovations from an early age.

Having this kind of environment also brought the fast-developing industry naturally to Leon, where he already attended many fairs to see everything related to technological products, which fascinated the young boy and even increased his interest in the whole industry. This also brought the advantage that he understood new technology quite fast, where he was curious to analyze and solve problems of various technological products.

During the studies at Fontys he then thought about, like every teenager, to turn his hobby and passion to his business and career. Looking at the technology market, Leon realized that nearly every shop is overloaded with a lot of input, which is potentially overwhelming beginners in this sector.

So, the idea in the end was to launch an e-commerce shop, called OZEANOS, selling all kinds of products related to technology and electronics, ranging from pc-components to smart home products to household appliances to make the life of their customers easier. However, the difference is that he wanted to keep the portfolio as tidy as possible to not overwhelm possible customers. The plan for the future is to increase the portfolio step-by-step, not into the depth but into a wider range of different products.

After that a pre-built gaming-PC shop, called OZ-PC, was launched, where the plan is to offer plug-and-play ready PCs to “beginner” or new PC enthusiasts.

Having the customer in focus and not the cheapest price on the market allows Leon to provide the best possible service as he can to the customers. Now, having a great team of young people with different strengths, they can focus on growing into the right direction in the future.

Through the Fontys Student Entrepreneur Program, he received valuable consultation to support growing the business and he is sure that the program will be a great way to build a network to discuss ideas with fellow student entrepreneurs.