Yunus Demirel

Name: Yunus Demirel
 International Finance & Controlling
Company: Wirsinz

Yunus and his Co-Founder love coffee, just like you probably do. As they started to get more and more involved with the topic of coffee, one thing quickly became clear: the coffee industry is often anything but fair. The farmers who laboriously grow the coffee on the plantations benefit the least from the popularity of the hot beverage. The farmers’ esteem in the global supply chain is far too low for what they achieve. Often, they are left with a pittance that is barely enough to live on.

That was the spark that motivated the founders to start their company to make a difference. wirsinz is an e-commerce startup that offers specialty coffee from individual farmers to make coffee trade as personal, transparent and humane as possible. The company started with one product called “Tomás”, named after the farmer who grew the coffee. Soon, the company will introduce two new farmers on their website from which customers can buy their coffee from.

wirsinz’s vision is to change the way how people and companies trade with each other. The company believes that everyone can profit from trading without the need that one party has to suffer. On the platform of wirsinz, every farmer profits with every single sale. With every kilogram of coffee that is sold through wirsinz, the farmers get an additional social premium of 1,50€. The aim of wirsinz is to create a win-win-win situation, because behind every cup of coffee there is a person whose life you can improve.