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Healthy and vital studying

Get Connected

On Get Connected, you will find initiatives on sports, social events and communities. Are you looking for new contacts with fellow students? Get connected!

Get Connected!

Irregular and busy life, poor eating and little sleep. Sound familiar? It is good to exercise or move for at least half an hour every day and also relax. On this page, you will find tips on how to study healthily and vitally. In the Fontys cities, there is plenty to do at the various student sports associations, among others.

Use of alcohol

Have a dance, celebrate life and enjoy. Keep it cozy and respect someone else's choice to drink or not to drink.

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Fontys smoke free

Smoking at Fontys both inside and outside, is banned by August 2020. Fontys places great value on a healthy learning environment.

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Mental Health

Assertiveness, concentration problems, loneliness and stress. These are examples of complaints that affect your mental well-being.

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Food allergies

Do you have an allergy and would you like to know how the Fontys caterers deal with it? All Fontys caterers have an insight into the allergens present.

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Sport and exercise

Need guidance?

Lifestyle training+

Are you not able to work on your physical fitness goals because of an injury, a lack of motivation or too much study stress? Or do you want to become more active? Sign up for a 10-week individual programme with an exercise and lifestyle coach.

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