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Ad(h)d community

AD(H)D community is for everyone (with or without a diagnosis) within Fontys who feels involved in the topic of ADHD and ADD. With this community, we want to bring people (students and staff) together, inform and if necessary support them. We have just started and will organise activities that are open to everyone. We would like to grow into a drop-in and knowledge centre.

We are committed to the following in the coming years;
  • Bringing more knowledge and insight about ADD and ADHD into our organisation. By increasing knowledge from a positive angle, the community will help break taboos and improve perceptions, so there will be more understanding for students and employees with ADD and ADHD.
  • The community has an eye for the human aspect. Anyone with a question or who wants to share an experience can easily tell their story in this community. We want to stimulate conversation between staff and students.
  • Share tools and other handles where proper guidance of students with ADD or ADHD is central. As a teacher, coach or fellow student, what can you do to empower the student in question?

Do you need a listening ear? Or would you just like to stay up to date? Then email adhdcommunity@fontys.nl

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What is ADHD?