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In which order are you going to execute the following activities whilst developing an app?

  1. I am going to test the app extensively, so that I know for sure that all the functions in the app are performing well. (Testing)
  2. I am going to describe and visualise the process that the client is using and also I describe what happens if something goes wrong.(Design)
  3. I am going to install the app on the corporate server so that where all users are able to find it, and make sure that the app is supported by the support team from now on.  (Hand-over)
  4. I am going to talk to our client to find out what the client actually does and how an app can help him.(Analyse)
  5. I am going to build the app and incorporate the functions as discussed with the client. Focus is on developing the most important parts first. In that way the client can start working with the app immediately.(Implementation)