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Internship / graduation assignment

The practice-orientated nature of our course programmes is made possible by the inclusion of contemporary internships and graduation assignments that are conducted at a range of businesses and organisations.

Why employ the services of an intern?

As an employer, if you have particular issues, projects and/or assignments within your organisation that require attention, but you and/or your staff do not have enough time to take the necessary action, then an intern may provide you with an ideal solution, for the following reason:

  • An intern is able to fully focus on the specific practical assignment and/or research requirement in question, whereby he/she will be able to deliver a result in a relevantly short timeframe, which is of added benefit to an organisation.
  • Typically, a student has a fresh outlook in terms of the organisation and its working methods and he/she will view the whole from a different perspective. As an employer, this may provide you with new insights.
  • An intern is armed with good qualifications, is highly educated and is ready and motivated to gain working experience. Thereby, an intern can provide you with a suitable solution for a temporary staffing requirement.

Internship compensation

If you are prepared to offer a place for an internship, it is not mandatory to pay any compensation, but it is customary. This is certainly the case if there is a ‘CAO’ (Collective Labour Agreement) applicable to your organisation in which this is stipulated and also, in sectors where the demand for students and interns is high.

Such compensation may take the form of a minimum wage for the period of work, or a fixed monthly amount for a fixed period.

Additional benefits

  • Temporarily employing the services of an intern is also a useful manner of procuring staff, whereby more than 20% of our interns enter into employment with their internship organisations upon the conclusion of their internships. This certainly saves on acquisition expenses.
  • Via interns, as an organisation, you will be exposed to the field of education. Together with business & industry, Fontys continually strives to improve the connectivity between the education that it provides and professional practice.


If you, as an employer, want to offer an internship or graduation assignment, we invite you to apply here.