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Knowledge centres

Using six knowledge themes, we connect with regional knowledge networks and focus on the development of Fontys into a knowledge-intensive network organisation.
Do you have a question, or feedback, related to our practice-based research? If so, please contact us via one of the knowledge centres below.
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Future of learning

Knowledge centre Lifelong development
Leading lector: Dr. M.A.G. Thunnissen

08850 77992

Knowledge centre Youth education
Leading lector: R.A.W. van de Sande

08850 75563

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Enabling technologies

Centre of expertise HTSM
Leading lector: Dr.ir. H.T. Punter

08850 75859

Knowledge centre Applied AI
Leading lector: Dr.ir. G.C. Schouten

08850 75299

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Healthy and inclusive society

Centre of expertise Health
Leading lector: Dr. J.A. Sturm

08850 84335

Knowledge centre Inclusive society
Leading lector: Dr.ir. M. de Graaf

08850 75831

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Smart mobility

Centre of expertise KennisDC logistiek
Leading lector: Dr. V.H.G. Verboeket

08850 83074

Centre of expertise ACE - automotive
Leading lector Dr.ir. G.J.J. Post

08850 89712

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Creative economy

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Sustainability and circularity