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Creative economy

The climate crisis, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the asylum crisis, the growing gap between rich and poor. The big, complex issues of our time have one thing in common: they are shaking underlying norms, values and beliefs.

More and more people are becoming convinced that things can be done differently, that we can organise our society and economy in a new way. The central question here is: how can we distribute 'all there is' in a fair, equitable way? This is not just about the distribution of money and property, but also essentials such as education, healthcare, raw materials, freedom and even the consequences of pollution. Creativity is increasingly and emphatically seen as one of the preconditions for answering this question.

Knowledge centre Creative Economy
Within the knowledge theme Creative Economy, the Creative Economy knowledge centre focuses on the potential of creativity to bring about a radical change in our (economic) thinking. For us, this involves fundamentally renewing the way solutions are sought. A different approach is required to achieve a new economy - one that is social, inclusive and ecological in nature. And that different approach can only be found with creativity.

The Creative Economy knowledge centre was officially launched in 2023. The knowledge centre is an initiative of the professorships of Danielle Arets (Fontys Journalism), Bart van Bezooijen (Fontys Marketing and Communication), Tessa Cramer (Academy for the Creative Economy) and Falk Hübner (Fontys University of the Arts) and is always looking for new and inspiring internal and external collaborations. The knowledge centre aims to use creativity to bring about the fundamental change needed to enable a liveable world for future generations.

Involved lectorates

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Dr. Tessa Cramer

Dr. T.L. (Tessa) Cramer

Lector Designing the future