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Dutch Design Week (DDW)

From October 21st to October 29th, it's time for Dutch Design Week. Once again, Eindhoven is fully dedicated to design, innovation, and creativity this year. Are you excited to attend DDW this year? Get ready to be amazed by the exciting projects that students and staff from Fontys are working on!

The Fontys Design Route

During Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven comes alive with innovative concepts, exciting events, and cool exhibitions. Fontys is right in the mix because we are also engaged in innovations that we're eager to showcase at DDW. Fontys presents itself along with a few promising projects in collaboration.

Something For Society

Students from Fontys Venlo's Industrial Product Design (IPO and IDE) programs translate societal challenges into creative and realistic solutions. Something for Society provides a glimpse into this process. We will showcase a selection of projects at the Schellekensweg location, including:

  • An innovative smart cushion to improve the lives of people with dementia.
  • A white cane for blind and visually impaired individuals to enhance road safety.
  • A smart ball to promote inclusivity and participation in school sports for blind and visually impaired children.
  • A rotating climbing wall for teenagers in Hout-Blerick to generate energy.
  • An air purifier based on efficient and smart technology.

Both students and teachers will be present to demonstrate prototypes and discuss possibilities for collaboration.

In Search for Relatable Futures

Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle (Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy) students create meaningful future visions and concepts that challenge or redefine societal norms. These projects will inspire you as you explore the changing spirit of the times we live in. During Dutch Design Week at Area 51, TCL graduates aim to showcase what possible futures might look like and explain to visitors how they can understand the present needs in the changing world of tomorrow.

Class of 23

Throughout Dutch Design Week, you can visit the group exhibition "Class of 23" at the Klokgebouw. Here, both Dutch and international academies present a selection of graduation projects from various disciplines. During the Class of 23 exhibition as a whole, each academy will present a specific project they believe reflects the current spirit of the times. Together, these projects form the 'Avenue of Fresh Perspectives,' providing an overview of the various themes that the newest generation of creators finds relevant in relation to the present day. The academies will present these projects at the front of their overall presentations.

The largest design event in Northern Europe showcases the work and concepts of over 2000 designers to more than 350,000 visitors from both within and outside the country. During a visit to DDW, you will see and experience the design of the future and the future of design. Besides the impressive contributions from Fontys students and staff, get inspired by all the other exhibitions, lectures, award ceremonies, networking events, debates, and festivities spread across approximately 100 locations throughout the city. The event covers all imaginable disciplines and aspects of design, with a strong emphasis on experimentation, innovation, and collaboration. DDW demonstrates how young and established designers from the Netherlands and the world are shaping a positive future.

Ambience photo Fontys

DDW Discovery Tour (invites only)

The theme of this event is ‘Investing in the future for prosperity and well-being’. Our first keynote speaker, Otto Raspe, is Head RaboResearch Regions, Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship (Rabobank). He is also Professor of Practice at Tilburg University. He will delve into the ways regional businesses can play a part in fostering broad prosperity. Our second keynote, Coert Bouten, is the Deputy Director at Fontys. He will provide his perspective on the energy transition.

We also offer you the possibility to join a guided tour of 'Drivers of Change' by TU/e at Strijp-S during the DDW. This exposition shows the most important designs that demonstrate the power of technology in response to the challenges of tomorrow.