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Fontys Buddy platform

Are you a senior student who would like to assist other students in making a smooth start within your program? Perhaps you have experienced support needs and now wish to help other students along the way. If so, please sign up as a student buddy!
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As a student buddy:

  • You help orient your student within Fontys.
  • You are the go-to person for your student to ask practical questions easily and quickly.
  • You guide your student to other resources within Fontys, such as the Fontys Helpt and Fontys Helps websites.
  • You provide a listening ear.
  • You have the time and availability to support the student, approximately 6-10 hours per academic year.
  • You have progressed to the second year of your studies.
  • You develop skills and competencies that are relevant in the future professional field.

Introduction meetings

In preparation for your role as a student buddy, you will participate in two introduction meetings.

  • The first meeting is organized by your program. During this session, further details about the role of a student buddy will be discussed, along with the guidelines that apply to this role. You will also receive more information about what is available within the program so that you can effectively refer the student.
  • The second introduction meeting is organized by the Student Services department. In this meeting, a student counselor and/or student psychologist will explain the resources offered by Fontys Helpt and provide insights into the support provided by the Student Support team.

What do you receive in return?

Fontys hopes that you will choose to do this because you enjoy helping others. It is voluntary and will serve as a valuable addition to your resume.

Sign up as a student buddy!

To sign up as a student buddy, please send an email to the contact person of your program.

Institution / ProgrammeLocationContact personEmail address
Fontys Lerarenopleiding Sittard (FLOS)SittardEsther Chatroue.chatrou@fontys.nl
Fontys Information and Communication TechnologyTilburgBen Kemmerenb.kemmeren@fontys.nl
Fontys Information and Communication TechnologyEindhovenIngrid Hurkmansi.hurkmans@fontys.nl
Fontys People and Health StudiesEindhoven and TilburgCarola Lavrijssen-Boerekamp and Judith van BoxtelApplication form
Fontys EngineeringEindhovenJitske Cornielje betaritme@fontys.nl
Fontys Pedagogical StudiesEindhoven and TilburgAafke Baars-Seebregts a.baarsseebregts@fontys.nl
Fontys JournalismTilburgRose Noëlr.noel@fontys.nl

If your programme is not listed but you still wish to become a student buddy, please sign up using the general application form. Debbie Jarec is the project leader of the Fontys Buddy platform and will contact you. If you have any questions in the meantime, you can also contact her via email at d.jarec@fontys.nl.

Are you looking for a Fontys student buddy?

Are you looking for a Fontys student buddy? Do you feel that you could benefit from practical support? A student buddy can help you get started easily and quickly. They are knowledgeable about the resources and various options available within Fontys.

Request your student buddy through the website below.
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