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Within the Technology cluster, five independent institutes providing education in various fields of technology, collaborate to optimize the way of working with international patner insitutes in terms of partner relationships, incoming and outgoing exchange for students and staff.

As an university of applied sciences, we educate our students to become qualified professionals in the working field. As the southern part of the Netherlands is characterized as a high-tech region, we guarantee well-balanced programmes including theory and practice suitable for the technical specialists of the future.

As the modern professional operates globally, we strongly believe intercultural competences and international experience are essential for any student in the field of technology.

Overview Fontys Schools in cluster Technology

Fontys Business Management, Education and Technology
At the Fontys Business Management, Education and Technology our students are trained to become all-round experts in business engineering. With the knowledge and skills obtained, students are likely to find work as managers or consultants in production companies or small and medium-sized enterprises. We offer 3 bachelor programs: Business Management for Small and Medium-sized enterprises, Automotive Management and Industrial Engineering & Management.

Fontys Engineering
Fontys Engineering focusses on the design of systems for the high-tech industry and provides bachelor education for our students to become proficient professionals in the traditional fields of electronics and mechanics, the more integrated fields of mechatronics (robotics and automations) and automotive and applied mathematics with a strong focus on data sciences.

Fontys Information and Communication Technology
At Fontys Information and Communication Technology we educate our students to create solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. With the focus on innovative and fully practice based education in project groups. Main study programmes are ICT & Business, ICT & Media Design, ICT & Infrastructure, ICT & Software Engineering and ICT & Technology. We offer state of the art specialisations in close cooperation with more than 150 companies as Partners in Education.

Fontys Natural Sciences
Fontys Natural Sciences educates students to become a professional researcher in the field of Physics (Engineering Physics) and in the field of Science&Life, Science&Technology, Science&Materials and Science&Food (Applied Science). Most of the courses are in Dutch.
At our Research Group Applied Natural Sciences students and researchers do practical and applied research in all of the above mentioned fields. Students from abroad can join our research group for their practical research / internship.

Fontys Technology and Logistics
Fontys Technology and Logistics is one of the institutes at Fontys Venlo and includes (design) engineering, logistic management and computer science courses. The courses are very practical, partly due to good contacts with the local business community. Students study in an international, project based environment with English as the main language.

Please visit for more information on Study Abroad for Fontys Cluster Technology.

In the spotlight:
Industrial Design Engineering @ Campus Venlo

This unique exchange programme responds to the growing demand from the design and manufacturing industries for ID engineers who have skills and knowledge but can also apply these in professional situations.

You will have access to excellent workshop facilities to realise prototypes and test your design concepts.

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Meet our cluster officer

The technology cluster has one person you could see as your first contact person. Her name is Marilyn Bailey and she will be the person who contacts you for nominating our Fontys students to your institute and the person you can contact to nominate your persons to. Once the student has been admitted to a programme the coordinator internationalisation responsible for the concerning programme will take over. Marilyn will always be in contact and cooperate with the rest of the organisation.

Cluster officer

Student profiles

Outgoing exchange student profile

All students who participate in one of our four year bachelor programme have to do a minor semester. This minor semester is meant to personalize the student's programme such that he or she can distinguish from other students with the same study programme.

Fontys does not impose any requirements on the minor except that there should not be any overlap with the study programme itself and the student must have completed his or her first year successfully. A student is free to choose the content of the minor. It can be an in-depth minor to specialize further in the field of study, but it can also be complementary to widen the scope of the student.

Study abroad is not mandatory, but optional for our students. Students are responsible for finding a suitable programme at one of our partner institutes.

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Incoming exchange student profile

When an institute offers an English-taught international bachelor programme, we need to create an international atmosphere. Although a wide variety of nationalities join the international programmes, we believe incoming exchange students offer a fresh perspective on intercultural competences and international experiences as they followed education in a different country.

As the exchange programmes are fixed parts of the regular bachelor programmes or specifically designed minor programmes, we offer these programmes "as is". Unfortunately, it is not possible to mix programmes between institutes nor is it possible to mix programmes within an institute. Therefore, the incoming exchange students need to have a technology background for most programmes.

Within the cluster Technology, Fontys offers a wide-range of programs for all different levels in both Fall and Spring semester.

Nomination and selection procedure Outgoing Fontys Students

All outgoing exchange students from Fontys need to apply for their minor abroad. If the student is selected for a specific partner, our cluster officer will nominate the student to the partner.

Once the partner institute accepts the nomination, the student will start the application proces as offered by the partner institute. In parallel, the student has to complete the full application pipeline internally under supervision of their coordinator internationalisation, the person from the student's institute responsible for the minor abroad procedure. In that way, we make sure the students addresses all important steps such as learning agreement, scholarships, visa and insurance.

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Nomination and selection procedure Incoming International Students

Once you have selected student who want to go for their exchange to Fontys, you can submit your nomination directly to our cluster officer via

If the nomination satisfies the general conditions (partnership, prerequisites and language proficiency), the cluster officer will forward the nomination to the coordinator internationalisation responsible for the specific programme. The coordinator internationalisation will send an application link to our registration system called Mobility Online: a system with a pipeline ensuring the applicant follows and completes all steps required to start. When the pipeline is finished, the student is accepted.

May 15th for start in Fall semester
November 15th for start in Spring semester

Upon completion of the exchange programme, the administration of the responsible institute will send a transcript of records and a certificate of stay.

Contact us

If you have a question or a concern about the programmes we offer? Or do you have a question about the nomination procedure of your students? Please contact us by email via