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Are you curious about the world of business and communication? Then you are at the right place! Fontys offers a wide range of study programmes in business. From general business programmes giving you an overview of what is going on in the international business field, to more specialized study programmes, focusing on specific terrains like marketing, financing or communication.

Within the economy cluster, six institutes providing education in various fields of economy, collaborate to optimize the way of working with international partner institutes in terms of partner relationships, incoming and outgoing exchange for students and staff.

Offering English programmes:

  • Fontys International Business Studies
  • Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy
  • Fontys Business and Communication
  • Fontys Marketing and Communication

Offering programmes only in Dutch:

  • Fontys Academy of Law
  • Fontys Journalism

As the modern professional operates globally, we strongly believe intercultural competences and international experience are essential for any student in the field of Business and Communication.

Overview Fontys Schools in Cluster Economics

Fontys International Business Studies

Fontys International Business School (FIBS) in Venlo offers students from its partner universities a range of possibilities to study for one or two semesters. FIBS offers international business and marketing courses as well as European language and culture programmes.

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Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy

Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy trains students to become authentic and committed ‘impact creators’: creative professionals for the new economy, stimulating transitions by combining their creative skills with their professional and social insights. They achieve this by developing and realizing novel concepts for marketing, business, entrepreneurship, communication and lifestyle. Each of the four study programmes is focused on a creative economy that is flexible, sustainable and humane.

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Fontys Business and Communication

FBC is situated in Eindhoven, capital of the ‘Brainport’ region, which is recognized as Europe’s leading region for innovation and top-flight technology. In this region, students, teachers and working professionals form a united community in which we learn and practice together. We want to contribute to social issues and to make impact. In this way, we prepare our students for the changing world. Our university offers first class programmes (in (international) business administration, international business consultancy and communication management), international diversity in classrooms and allows students to combine theoretical foundation and practical learning, working with real clients, in the Brainport Eindhoven region.

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Fontys Marketing and Communication

At Fontys Marketing and Communication in Tilburg, everything breathes marketing and communication. Our future professionals use marketing and communication to really make a difference in a constantly changing society. They create value for brands and organizations. We offer two broad practical courses: Communication and Commercial Economics. Additionally, there are two specialized programmes for sports business: SPECO Sports Communication and SPECO Sports Marketing. Top athletes who want to study SPECO Sports Marketing are offered additional study facilities through our Johan Cruyff Academy. Together we create an atmosphere focused on creativity and innovation, where there is room for learning in a safe environment, where people feel at home. Always with one mutual goal. Marketing & Communication.

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Ambience photo Fontys
Ambience photo Fontys

Nomination and selection procedure Outgoing Fontys Students

All outgoing exchange students from Fontys need to apply for their minor abroad. If the student is selected for a specific partner, our cluster officer will nominate the student to the partner. Once the partner institute accepts the nomination, the student will start the application process as offered by the partner institute. In parallel, the student has to complete the full application pipeline internally under supervision of their coordinator Internationalisation.

This way, we make sure the students handles all important steps such as learning agreement, scholarships, visa and insurance.

For more information please check out this link: | Fontys University

Nomination and selection procedure Incoming International Students

Applications should always be submitted via the International Exchange Officer at the home university. Once we have accepted the nomination, the student will be informed about the nomination and will receive information about the exchange programme and accommodation options.


Fall: Nomination May 1st / Application May 15th.

Spring: Nomination November 1st / Application November 15th.

Upon completion of the exchange programmes, the administration of the responsible institute will send a transcript of records and a certificate of stay if applicable.

Contract Renewal

If you wish to get in touch with us in regards to renewal or extension of the current contract or if you are interested in a co-operation with us, please contact Mrs. Arian van Hulsel on

Practical Information

Information for your students who are planning to come to come to Fontys can be found on the page below.

Practical information (

Please note!

Available student housing is limited. Before

starting a study at Fontys, the student must find suitable housing. Unfortunately, it is not easy for international students to find accommodation in the Netherlands due to the housing crisis. Please inform your students to start accommodation search early. More information can be found here.