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International Business

Experience the world of international business through our exchange program. You will learn about global markets, trade practices, and cultural differences in business. This opportunity will enhance your skills and prepare you for a successful career in the international business arena.

About the exchange programme

In times of increasing global competition many companies operate globally or consider doing business internationally. But how do you decide on which markets to operate? How do you finance such undertakings? How do you hire the right internationally qualified employees? How do you make your product or service stand out from the crowd? These are some of the issues that managers at international companies face and for which you will be prepared during International Business (or IB).

Why International Business?

  • The program prepares you to tackle international business challenges, including market decisions, finance, and hiring globally skilled employees.
  • It offers a comprehensive study covering all company departments, aiming to equip you for management roles in international environments.
  • The curriculum emphasizes practical skills, including cultural adaptability, leadership, and communication, essential for working in multicultural teams.

More about this programme

We will provide you with all necessary knowledge, skills and attitude enabling you to operate in an international company. Besides (management) skills, you will develop a other professional skills such as dealing with cultural differences, learning how to be a leader, how to cooperate and communicate with international people but also how to plan and organise within a company.





International Business is a broad business study programme covering all departments of a company: from general management to human resources, marketing and finance. The programme aims at preparing you for a management position within an international business environment. Examples of projects you will work on are; writing a business plan for a company, managing the acquisition of a foreign company or advising organisations on whether to stay or leave a market. After your studies you will be able to either lead a company, manage one of its many departments or found your own company.

A combination of courses from different semesters or another programme is not possible. The following information is subject to change.

Fall 2024

Semester 1

PM1 - Project: Investigate your market (mandatory) 10 ECTS
PM2 - Marketing Analysis (mandatory) 5 ECTS
PM3 - Business research I (mandatory) 5 ECTS
PM4 - Organisation and people I (mandatory) 2 ECTS
PM5 - Effective Communication Skills I (mandatory) 3 ECTS
PM6 - Additional language I (Spanish A1) 2 ECTS*
PM7 - Personal & professional development I 3 ECTS

*Students can also do a higher level with a semester 3 class if they already have this level and it fits their timetable.

Semester 1 handbook

Semester 2

PM8 - Project: Analyse your company (mandatory) 10 ECTS
PM9 - Accounting & Finance (mandatory) 5 ECTS
PM10 - Operations and Supply Chain (mandatory) 5 ECTS
PM11 - Organisation and people II (mandatory) 3 ECTS
PM12 - Effective Communication Skills II (mandatory) 2 ECTS
PM13 - Additional language II (Spanish A2) 3 ECTS*

*Students can also do a higher level with a semester 4 class if they already have this level and it fits their timetable.

Semester 2 handbook

Semester 3

MM1 - Project: Develop your business (mandatory) 15 ECTS
MM3 - Business Intelligence I (mandatory) 2 ECTS
MM4 - Effective Communication Skills III (mandatory) 3 ECTS
MM5 - Additional language III (Spanish A2-B1) 2 ECTS

Semester 3 handbook

Semester 4

MM7 - Project: Drive your business (mandatory) 15 ECTS
MM8 - Business Intelligence II (mandatory) 3 ECTS
MM9 - Effective Communication Skills IV (mandatory) 2 ECTS
MM10 - Additional language IV (Spanish A2-B1) 3 ECTS

Semester 4 handbook

Additional courses for all semesters (only if they fit your timetable):
Dutch for Beginners 2 ECTS
German for beginners 2 ECTS



Admission requirements

As a future student of IB you should be open to challenges and have a critical mind. Both being able to work independently and willingness to work in multicultural teams are preconditions for a successful study career. Here, an affinity to foreign languages with a special focus on English is desirable. What’s more, as a future IB student you should be particularly interested in different cultures and have a special desire to explore all facets of an organization. Most will therefore be striving for a career in internationally oriented companies.

Semester 1

English: equivalent to IELTS 6.0
Basic knowledge, the student’s major should be business-related

Semester 2

English: equivalent to IELTS 6.0
The student’s major should be business-related
The foundation year should be rounded off

Semester 3

English: equivalent to IELTS 6.0
The student’s major should be business-related
The foundation year should be rounded off

Semester 4

English: equivalent to IELTS 6.0
The student’s major should be business-related
The foundation year should be rounded off


How will your course programme be recognised by your home university?

Fontys will provide you with a so-called ‘Transcript of Records’, which will clarify the results that you have achieved. Depending on your results, you will receive a maximum of 30 ECTS credits. ECTS credits are recognised throughout Europe. The agreement between your home university and Fontys University of Applied Sciences will usually include a condition whereby the credits that you obtain will be recognised and transferred into the records kept by your home university.


Practical information

Start moment(s)
September, February

Applications should always be submitted via the International Exchange (or Erasmus) Officer at the home university. This officer will send your application request (nomination) to Fontys. Once Fontys has received the nomination, your Fontys study department will send you a link to a web application called Mobility Online. Please take a look here to see how it works.

If you want to come as a freemover, we also need your university to send us a nomination e-mail. Once we have received this we will send you our application information.
As a freemover the fees are €75 per ECTS. If you are not sure if your university is a partner of Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences, the international office of your home university can tell you more about this.


Spring semester:

Nomination deadline November 1st

Application deadline November 15th

Fall semester:

Nomination deadline May 1st

Application deadline May 15th

For more information concerning the start date, please get in touch with the contact person of the study department of the concerned exchange programme.

English language requirements

For most English taught exchange programmes a minimum level of English language proficiency of CEFR* B2 or an equivalent of IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80 is required. However there might be programmes where a higher level is required and submitting evidence might be necessary.

Ambience photo Fontys


For more detailed information about practical matters, such as financial matters, residence permit, health insurance and accommodation, please click on the button below.

Doing a study abroad most certainly means a lot of excitement and perhaps also a bit of anxiety. Getting used to everything may be a challenge at times. You may have language difficulties or be unfamiliar with certain aspects of life in the Netherlands and at the university.

We receive around 100 international exchange students each semester. To give them a warm welcome into Dutch culture and at our campus, the International Office has set up a buddy programme. A buddy is a Fontys bachelor student who is familiar with the campus and who can give practical help with administrative systems, timetables etc. They know their way around the city of Venlo and can also help students to better understand Dutch traditions and habits and feel at home real soon!

What else can students expect from a buddy? A buddy will:

- meet you at the Venlo train station and accompany you to your room.

- help you get settled during the first weeks by answering practical questions related to living in Venlo and by showing you around town.

- help you with questions about campus life, teaching styles, campus set-up, how to prepare for exams, etc.

- help you with practical questions such as how to print documents, how to get connected to Wi-Fi, get acquainted with the Fontys portal, etc.

- introduce you to Dutch culture.

- be able to join you during social activities.

The programme seeks to give students the best possible start to their study abroad in Venlo and at our campus!