Maximilian Nols

Name: Maximilian Nols
Course: International Marketing
Company: Webdesign Managers

Maximilian was always an “out of the box“ thinker. Always searching for new great ideas, he fell in love with public speakers that you can find on Ted X Talks and similar formats. In december of 2018 one big question arose upon his mind: “How can I go from spectator to action taker and work with these great minds hand in hand?" He used the rest of the month to dive deep into this topic and come up with a plan.

On January 1st. he founded his own Company called Webdesign Managers. The company is focused on helping Speakers, Coaches and Trainers to get more public reach than ever with Tools such as Facebook Advertising and Google Advertising and everything that comes with it. Besides the technicalities, which are part of the companies service, there is two big characteristics that are defining Webdesign Managers: Transparency and Honesty. “I got so tired of all the scammy advertisements online, that promote digital marketing and I wanted to offer something that is more sincere, honest and results driven”. This approach seemed to be the right choice: So far the company is under steady growth with rising tendencies. Webdesign Managers celebrated multiple success Stories ever since it was founded.

To name a few:
- Webdesign Managers build an Online Shop that was making 5 figure revenues after 48 hours after the website was launched.
- A platform, which holds more than 450 Speakers, Coaches and Salestrainers became a customer, advertising their Members on Google through Webdesign Managers.
- The founder, Maximilian Nols was officially invited to hold a speech in front of 90 Members of the German Speaker Association in regards to Facebook Advertising, on June 10th 2020. The current plan and goal for Maximilian is, to continue and build upon the success and scale the business further.

He believes that Fontys will be a big help on the way:

The Student Entrepreneur Program will be a huge help on my journey, to scale and further develope my business, as I am a big believer in learning from people, who have more experience than myself. I am planning to use the chances and knowledge that are given to me through the Student Entrepreneur Program as much as possible in the upcoming years!"