Martijn Boere

Name: Martijn Boere
 Digital Business Concepts

Martijn has been involved in the bicycle industry since his childhood. His parents have had a bicycle shop in the center of Prinsenbeek for 35 years. Martijn has noticed the transformation in the bicycle field. Where bicycles were used as transport, nowadays it is part of us as a human-being. You can compare it with your clothing style. A bicycle must suit you. The bicycle accesoiries must suit you.

The wide range of bicycle accessoiries and bicycle components are impossible to have in stock for a local bicycle shop. Martijn changed it with This webshop has a range of more than 16.000 bicycle items and guarantees a fast delivery. Well-known brands such as: Gazelle, Cortine, Yepp and Shimano belong to the large assortment of BikeBudget. If you order before 9 p.m. they will deliver the next day!

As the name already suggests, you can find everything for a ‘budget’ price on the website. However, that is not the most important component of the company. Service and a happy and statisfied customer is also important. De webshop is growing really fast and so are the positive reviews of the customers.
Everything for a better bike.